Edit like a pro with our tutorials. Whether it’s photos or videos, we guide you through every tap to create stunning results.

how to edit photos on iPhone

Learn how to edit your iPhone photos like a pro with Facetune! Enhance lighting, color intensity, and more with these simple tips and tricks.

how to make your clothes sparkle in photos

Looking to add sparkle to your photos? This guide shows you how to easily add glitter and sparkle to your outfit using Facetune. No mess, no hassle!

woman with blue dyed hair

Learn how to dye your hair in photos using Facetune without any damage! Experiment with every color you've ever dreamed of before taking the plunge in real life. Quick, easy, and totally free.

how to fix a clothing stain in photos

Remove pesky stains from photos with Facetune! Follow our step-by-step guide to eliminate any stains and have flawless photos every time. No laundry needed!

Edit the sky and add clouds with Facetune

In this article, you'll learn how to edit the sky in photos using Facetune. Discover how to remove or add clouds, change the color of the sky, and replace the sky entirely. From bright blues to golden sunsets, the sky plays a crucial role in your outdoor photography.

Blonde girl with sunglasses and a black hat

Learn how to add a cool, vintage feel to your photos by adding grain and texture using Facetune. Follow these easy steps to achieve the look.

Woman with floral background

Learn how to easily add cute floral backgrounds to your selfies with Facetune! Follow our simple 6-step process to create a stunning floral decoration for your photos in minutes. Shake things up and watch the likes roll in.

A man with a white shirt against a cloudy sky

Learn how to add a sunset or clouds background to any photo using Facetune. Customize your sky background with ease, and create stunning selfies that will impress all your followers.

Learn how to add a classic brick wall background to your photos with Facetune! No need to search for a clean wall, just follow these simple steps. Perfect for professional headshots or showing off your outfit.

A woman with a sparkly earring and a braid

Learn how to add some extra cash to your photos with our step-by-step guide to creating a $100 bill backdrop in Facetune. Perfect for fun party pics or OTT selfies!

How to use overlay in photos

Learn how to combine two photos easily with just a few taps for a flawless final look.

Woman with perfect makeup and hairstyle.

Learn how to fix over-edited selfies with the Restore tool in Facetune! Easily restore distorted areas and compare your edits to the original. Say goodbye to over-editing and hello to a natural look.