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Edit your Instagram photos easily with Facetune. From getting the perfect size for your image to applying stunning effects and filters - explore creative edits to make every post uniquely yours.

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Keep your feed dynamic and varied

Edit Instagram photos with Facetune to keep your feed lively and diverse. Switch up your style, experiment with different makeup with the makeup photo editor, try on virtual hair color and hairstyles, or even try on a new outfit everyday with our AI clothes changer.

Try out different prof pics with our profile picture maker tools. Flaunt a new aesthetic in every post and captivate your audience with variety and creativity.

Use Facetune app for editing pictures for Instagram
Edit photos for the perfect Instagram size

Edit pictures to fit Instagram perfectly

Ensure your photos and videos are Instagram-ready with Facetune's photo cropper. Tailor your content to fit perfectly in both your feed and stories, maintaining high quality and visual appeal with our Instagram photo size editor.

All the basic editing tools you need for Instagram – photo filters & more

Facetune packs all the essential editing tools for your Instagram content. Enhance your photos with photo filters and effects, blur backgrounds, and remove unwanted objects.

Brighten, adjust, and creatively transform your images, making them stand out in every scroll.

Create stunning content with the Instagram photo filter app
Use our Instagram stories editor to create stories

Photo editor for Instagram posts, stories & reels

Produce stunning Instagram-ready videos with Facetune’s video editor. Apply trendy video filters and overlays, use the AI video enhancer for flawless visuals, and remove background noise from video for clear audio and more!

Share your videos directly to Instagram Reels and Stories.

Photo touch-ups for flawless posts

Bring out your favorite features for your feed with Facetune's photo retouching. Heal blemishes, brighten teeth, and use our AI photo enhancer to add a professional glow to every photo. It's like having a personal photo editor in your pocket.

Create with photo retouch for Instagram with Facetune
Edit on the go with Instagram photo editing with Facetune

Edit on the go 

With Facetune, your Instagram editing studio travels with you. Edit and share directly from your phone, no matter where you are. Whether you're out for coffee or on a trip, Facetune ensures your content is always fresh, engaging, and ready to post.

How to edit photos for Instagram

How to edit photos for Instagram
  • 1

    Open Facetune

    Launch the Facetune app on your device and select or capture a photo to edit.

  • 2

    Discover editing tools

    Visit our photo editor to explore various tools. Get creative with your image — from hair and makeup transformations to basic edits like filters or cropping.

  • 3

    Personalize your photo:

    Use Facetune’s suite of tools to add your personal touch. Whether it's enhancing details, adjusting the composition, or experimenting with styles.

  • 4

    Share directly

    Once your photo is Instagram-ready, share it directly to your feed or story from Facetune.

Instagram photo editor FAQ

Can I resize photos for Instagram using Facetune?

Absolutely! Facetune's cropping tool lets you resize and frame your photos to fit perfectly on Instagram.

Does Facetune offer filters suitable for Instagram?

Yes! Facetune provides a range of photo filters perfect for enhancing your Instagram posts.

Can I retouch my selfies before posting on Instagram?

Definitely. Facetune offers easy-to-use retouching tools to ensure your selfies look their best.

Is the Instagram photo editor available online?

Currently, the Facetune app is the primary way to access our Instagram photo editor tools, ensuring you can edit on-the-go.

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