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Remove background noise from video

Wondering how to remove ambient noise from video? Effortlessly remove what you don't want, spotlight what you do with Facetune video’s AI background noise removal tool!

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Remove or Reduce background noise from video

Remove and reduce background noise in videos

Get rid of background noise in video and make your clips sound as good as they look. From wind noises to muffling sounds – use our intuitive sliders to lower the background sound.

Let your main audio shine and your video speak volumes with our AI audio noise reduction tool.

Decrease background noise in video
Clean up sound on video

Clean up audio in videos 

Noisy audio can be a real buzzkill. But hey, we've got your back! Clean up sound on video and transform your clips from noisy to noteworthy.

Our sliders don't just lower the noise; they sharpen your sound, making every word, note, and beat super clear.
It's like giving your audio a glow-up!

Control your video’s volume

In addition to lowering or sharpening your background noise, you can mute video chatter, turn up the volume, or just subtly lower it.

Whatever your vibe, our volume sliders are your new best friends. Slide left, slide right – it’s your video,
your rules.

Turn up or lower volume on video

How to remove background noise from video

How to take out background noise in video
  • 1

    Upload your video

    Choose the video you want to edit.

  • 2

    Access the Audio tools

    Tap on the 'Audio' icon in the editor to start.

  • 3

    Select 'Denoise'

    Wave goodbye to unwanted noise.

  • 4

    Adjust audio

    Play with sliders to get the sound just right.

  • 5

    Download and share

    Enjoy and share your video with improved sound quality.

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Denoise FAQ

How does the video noise filter work on Facetune?

Our video noise filter leverages AI audio cleanup to work its magic. It smartly filters out background noise, enhancing the main audio in your video. This way, you get cleaner, clearer sound without any hassle.

Can I remove background noise from a video for free?

Yes, you can! With Facetune, removing audio from your video is totally free. Get ready to enjoy your videos without any unwanted noise, at no cost.

How to clean up audio in a video?

Looking to clean up audio in video? Facetune offers intuitive tools to reduce background noise and sharpen your main audio.

Can I reduce the background noise from both iPhone or Android?

Eliminating background noise is exclusive to iOS and isn't on our Android app yet. We're always updating and adding new stuff, so keep an eye out for what's next!

Can I remove the background noise from my TikTok video?

Yes, you can! Before uploading your TikTok video, use Facetune to easily remove any distracting background noise. This way, your TikTok videos will sound as great as they look!

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