How to Remove People From Photos With Facetune

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How are you supposed to get a good beach photo when the whole place is crammed with people? If you've ever seen influencer photos, they always appear to be at tourist spots alone. Sometimes, it’s because they get up at 4 a.m. But most of the time, they aren't alone — they just know how to get rid of the crowds.

Let's be honest, you can take the nicest photo in the world, and there is bound to be some rando photobombing you. It's so annoying. We get it.

But what if you could just make them disappear? Okay, not literally, but in the photo, at least! Facetune makes it easy to simply delete people from the background of images. So, whether it's your brother trying to ruin your selfie or just an unfortunate tourist wandering in the back of your shot, you can edit them out in under a minute.

And don't panic — you don't need expert editing skills. Just follow the simple instructions below to effectively remove crowds and get the perfect shot every time. We've included two different methods for removing people from your photos. You might want to try both and pick your favorite.

Option 1

1) Pick your favorite photo (that's been ruined by someone in the background) and open it in Facetune.

2) In the main menu, select the Patch tool.

3) Then choose the Vanish function.

4) Use your finger to brush over the area you'd like to remove. Make sure you get the entire outline of the person or some bits will still be visible. Next, sit back and let the app work its magic!

5) Ta-da! The person is gone.

6) If the app hasn't managed to vanish the person entirely, use the Patch tool to select anything left that you want to remove. Then, choose a matching area to replace it.

7) Once you're happy, don't forget to save your work!

Before Facetune:

A man and a woman are walking in nature

After Facetune:

A woman with a denim jacket walks in nature

Option 2

This second method of removing people from the background is great if you managed to get one photo where you look awesome, but the background isn't good, and another where you have an ideal background, but you're blinking!

1) Pick the photo in which you look great and open it in Facetune.

2) On the bottom menu bar, select the Background tool.

3) Then select the Photo option. This will allow you to access other photos you've taken and choose one to replace the current background.

4) Pick the photo you want to use as your background and let the app automatically sync it.

5) Then select the Adjust tool. Use the Blend, Light, Shadow, and Invert features to make sure the two photos are well blended and look natural.

Removing people from the background of your photos has never been easier. You might need to try it a few times and play around with the lighting until you get it perfect, but it's easy once you know how to do it.

Suddenly, annoying photobombs are a thing of the past. Simply select and delete people as you need. If only deleting toxic exes from your life was this easy!

Generate AI Images with your own selfies

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