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Hands Down, The 8 Best Celebrity Selfies Of All Time

by Andrea Spanik / November 5, 2020

Whether it be an unexpected celeb pairing, a big announcement, amazing makeup, or a scandalous outfit, celebrities have no difficulty shocking us with their selfies. 

And really, are we even surprised that they like to do this to us? Let’s be real: These people became famous for a reason, and by staying relevant on social media with their attention-worthy selfies, well, let’s just say taking good selfies is synonymous with being a celeb.  

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And so, on that note, let’s dig into some of the best celebrity selfies of all time. 

1. Sofia & Co.



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My favorite trio

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The selfie itself isn’t the greatest quality, but the content — I mean, who doesn’t love a little family moment via a selfie? Add some celebrities on top of it, and Sofia Richie hit the jackpot when she posed with her sister, Nicole Richie, and niece, Harlow. Like, we know they’re related, but it’s so much more fun when they selfie together.



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selfie selfie

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2. Kourt & Scott

Speaking of Sofia Richie… we all went wild when her ex, Scott Disick, appeared in a selfie with his baby mama, Kourtney Kardashian (don’t lie, you’re chomping at the bit to see these two back together)?



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And now we’re Instagram FRIENDS too. HI INSTAGRAM 👋🏻

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3. Jen & Friends

The day Jennifer Anniston joined Instagram and decided to grace us with this glorious selfie is a day I don’t think any of us will forget.  Jen just waltzes in with this pic and racks up 7.5 MILLION followers in 24 hours. Oh, to be famous.

4. Kim K.



No way am I going to make a list of the best celebrity selfies and not include Kim K on it. And tbh it’s hard to pick just one, buttttttt if we’re going for shock value here, this 2016 snapshot where she almost broke the internet probably takes the cake. 


5. Kim & Em

And then, I really can’t mention the above selfie without also including this response selfie Kim took with model Emily Ratajkowski. Giving the finger to all the haters who criticized Kim for her naked selfie, this just goes to show that sticking to your guns sometimes pays off. Kim, you’re a role model.



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We are growing!!! Mostly me …

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6. Hilary’s Reveal

I love a good pregnancy reveal, and when I get to see it pop up on my IG feed unexpectantly from a celeb that you just can’t help but love (oh hey there, Lizzie McGuire), all the better. A video selfie, but a selfie nonetheless.


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Moving right along, and no surprises here. You knew this one would be on the list…

7. Kylie & The Met Crew



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annual bathroom selfie

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If this epic Met Gala shot from Kylie Jenner didn’t have you wishing you could attend the coveted event, well, it’s time to give your head a shake. 

8. Brit



Hey Britney… That’s impressive, and that’s really all I have to say about that. You do you girl.


And yes, if you’re looking at this list of best celebrities selfies and thinking how did Kim Kardashian show up three times? 

Well, they don’t call her the queen of the selfie for nothing. Take notes, y’all. Girl’s got it down. 




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