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Selfie Poses For Girls

by Andrea Spanik / January 14, 2021

Selfies poses are easily one of the most popular photos on social media. The best thing about selfies is that you can control everything from the lighting to the camera angle to the pose. It’s no wonder our feeds (and our camera rolls) are full of selfies—we can take 100 until we get the perfect one. 

Wait until you are having a good hair day and grab your phone because these selfie poses for girls are sure to take your insta feed from drab to fab.

1) Head Tilt

Take your standard selfie to a new level by tilting your head to one side. This creates a more exciting shape. Add to the effect by sweeping your hair over one shoulder for a cute look. If you don’t want to look directly into the camera, look up and to the side for a naturally chill vibe. Make sure the phone is about eye level to avoid awkward shadows and ensure that your head isn’t too tilted to the point it gives you a crooked neck.

head tilt selfie pose for girls

If you don’t know what to do with your spare hand, use it to touch your hair. Either tame the fly-aways, hold it out of your face, tuck it behind your ear, or give it some extra volume. Brushing your hair is a very natural action we do a million times a day. In a selfie, it can look effortless and friendly without looking staged. If you’re having a great hair day, it’s also an excellent way to point this out without bragging about it in your insta caption. #humblebrag

hold your hair back selfie pose for girls

2) Take a photo of a selfie

It doesn’t matter if it’s on your mates’ phone or you’ve printed a polaroid picture, taking a snap of a selfie can be an adorable way to change it up a bit. Just be sure that you get some of the background in. If the original girl selfie photo doesn’t show anything other than your face, this is a great way to give some context. For example, a close-up shot of your face might not indicate that you’re actually having an epic beach day. It’s also a great way to post a selfie without looking too staged.

3) The long arm

Sometimes, a selfie is epic because it shows what you’re doing and how much fun you’re having. In this case, don’t worry about trying to conceal the arm holding the phone. Just get as much background in and show what you’re up to. This pose looks excellent with a huge smile or a laugh rather than a pout. You know what they say: the happiest girls are the prettiest.

4) The half-face selfie

We didn’t make the rules: your eyeliner will never be even, and one eyebrow will never look as good as the other—time for a half-face selfie! There are so many options for a half-face selfie: you can use the edge of the photo, your hair, a book, a Starbucks drink, your hand… the list is endless. It’s a little cheeky and mysterious, so you can either smile or pout depending on what you’re going for. The only rule is to watch out for shadows, which could make your nose look a tad on the large-and-in-charge side.