Facetune versus Airbrush: What’s Better For You?

Looking for a selfie editor app? We've tested Facetune and Airbrush's main features for smoothing, lighting, filters, and makeup. Compare them and decide!

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So, you’re in the market for a selfie editor app. But when you visit the App Store or Google Play Store, you're inundated with apps out the wazoo.

We're not here to tell you how to live your life, but if you're trying to compare Facetune with the Airbrush app, we've tested four main features in both apps. See how they compare and decide which app would work best for your selfies.

1 - Smoothing and firming

Both Airbrush and Facetune have selfie tools for smoothing out wrinkles or other skin creases. In Airbrush, this is called the Firming tool.

airbrush selfie firming tool photo

Facetune's anti-wrinkle tech comes in the form of our Smooth and Smoother tools. After fiddling with both apps, we felt that Airbrush got good results if you’re in a hurry. Short, zoomed-in finger strokes got more natural-looking results.

Meanwhile, we felt that Facetune gave us more power to customize the levels of smoothness. It also produced a more natural-looking finish.

In addition, if you're looking to get rid of just a wrinkle or two, you can swipe that away manually with Facetune's Heal tool. So, if your ultimate goal is the most natural-looking results, Facetune is probably the way to go, but selfie divas in a rush can get good results with Airbrush, too.

2 - Lighting fixes

Good lighting is a must for any decent selfie. But which app gives you the best lighting features?

As usual, the answer is, “It depends.”

If you want to move your lighting source, Airbrush’s Relight tool makes it easy to move the source of your light, casting different shadows in the photo for a different look. It also offers the Bokeh tool, and although I tried a few times, I couldn’t actually see results when I applied the effect.

Facetune also offers a Relight tool as well as the Light FX tool, which adds rainbow lights, ethereal glows, and other cool lighting effects to your selfies. It just comes down to what type of lighting you’d rather see in your selfies.

facetune light fix photo before and after

3 - Filters galore

Both Airbrush and Facetune have filters for days. Curious which app is the reigning filter queen?

Airbrush includes a ton of filters as-is in the app. First, choose the category or look you’d like to have, then choose the specific filter in that category. Facetune offers the very same feature.

facetune vs airbrush filter editing photo

If you want access to more filters, Airbrush does offer VIP and free filters that you can download in their library. However, Facetune filters are really good, and there’s definitely an advantage to having fewer options that are all high-quality. But if having a ridiculous number of filters at your disposal sounds like your thing, Airbrush is probably your jam.

facetune vs airbrush filters

4 - Makeup options

Feel like selfieing when you’ve just rolled out of bed? Not to worry: Facetune and Airbrush offer instant, digital makeup at the tap of a finger.

Airbrush is different because it only allows for pre-configured makeup looks. While a few look natural, some seem to go for the more fun/exaggerated vibe. But if you like the looks pre-loaded into Airbrush, it could be an easy way to get full-face makeup, fast.

What’s nice about Facetune, though, is that you’re completely in control of your look and the results tend to be more realistic. Adjust colors, intensities, applications—it’s all customizable here, while it’s not so much in Airbrush. The makeup brushes in Facetune also allow for editing an existing makeup look, like touching up some faded eyeliner.

facetune vs airbrush makeup photo editing

The bottom line for Facetune vs Airbrush in 2021

However you slice it, both Airbrush and Facetune have features for next-level selfies. If you want pre-loaded looks and speed, Airbrush is the way to go. For selfie queens who want more control and customization to their selfie edits, Facetune will help you put your best face forward.

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