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Adding lipstick to your photos & videos after the party

by Team Facetune / February 23, 2021

We know that wearing lipstick is great. And wearing lipstick that stays on your lips for longer than ten minutes is amazing. But, wearing lipstick that doesn’t fade during dinner or at a party is almost unheard of. Not to mention lipstick that doesn’t somehow end up on your cheek, nose, or teeth. Enter our lipstick photo and video editor.

Adding Lipstick to photos & videos is really easy.

In many ways, adding lipstick to photos or videos later is much easier than actually wearing lipstick all evening. Sure, celebrities and beauty influencers make it look easy, but they’ve got a whole team of helpers and the most expensive makeup money can buy.

With our quick tips, you can try on several shades of lipstick within seconds, pick the one that suits you best and make sure you look fab in videos. You won’t have to continually run your tongue over your teeth to stop stains, and you won’t spend half the night in the bathroom looking for a mirror for touch-ups.

Luckily, editing your lipstick only takes seconds, and you don’t need to be a professional editor or Instagram star to get it right. You can use our selfie editor app or Facetune video: We’ve got everything you need to know to nail your digital makeup without ever wearing any!

Your Selfies have never looked so good.
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How to Add Lipstick to Photos + Videos in just 5 steps:

Can you spare less than a minute? Because that’s about all the time you’ll need to add and edit some lipstick to your photos and videos:

Step 1

Open your video in the Facetune selfie video editor app. Use the editing tools in the Retouch section to perfect the rest of the video. This will give you a flawless base to work on.add lipstick photo videoStep 2


Scroll along the bottom bar until you find the Smile button. Here, you can add a range of lipstick colors and whiten your teeth for when you smile. You can choose from shades of pink and red or go bold and pick green, blue or black. 

Step 3

Once you’re happy with your chosen color, use the intensity bar to switch between a bright splash or color or just a gentle hint. 

add lipstick to video and photo

Step 4

Use the tick to save your work. Whatever you’ve chosen will be automatically applied to the whole video so you don’t need to apply it frame by frame. 

Step 5

Don’t forget to save your video!

Bonus tip: If you’re already wearing lipstick and it’s faded or smudged, use the color-picker graph to match the paint shade to your actual lipstick for the perfect touch-up.

Extra bonus tip: If you feel the lipstick changes your smile a bit, you can always go and edit your smile within the photo, directly in Facetune2.

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