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37 Top Best Friend Selfie Hashtags, or How to Win at Instagram

by Team Facetune / September 7, 2020

Selfie hashtags make the world go around. Wait, I’m not sure that’s exactly how the phrase goes, but it’s pretty much true anyways, (especially for best friend selfie hashtags) so let’s not sweat it.

Of course, love is what really makes the world spin. And to prove it all you have to do is see how many times it’s been hashtagged on Insta.

1.9 billion posts and counting.

Love is like CR7, Ariana, The Rock, and all of the Kardashians combined when it comes to hashtags.

Now, this is all cool and good, but with close to 2 billion tags out there, it’s going to be hard to stand out if you throw it into your next doey-eyed bye-bye to the summer selfie.

Nope, if you want to upgrade your selfie hashtag Insta game, and keep your best friend, it’s time to get niche.

“Does this mean I’ve got to get weird?”

I mean, you can, but it’s not essential. And, in my experience, oftentimes not advisable.

Niche is as much about being creative as it is about taking a small step back from the most popular tags.

Don’t worry, you can just go on living your best life exactly the same way as before, sweet cheeks.

What’s most important is that you start to put a little bit more thought into those all essential tags.

Do so and those likes will start blowing up and that follower count is going nuclear!

Let’s go, you got this.

Your next bestie selfie

This will be problematic if you are a friendless, socially awkward recluse. However, you almost certainly are not or you wouldn’t be reading this in the first place.

You are in fact a social butterfly with so many friends that you really don’t know what to do with them all.

One great answer to this conundrum is to incorporate their lovely locks, summer kissed skin, and luscious lips into your next selfie.

And to do this properly, you’ve got to nail those best friend selfie hashtags.

Here, don’t say I never give you anything:

    • #friend
    • #friendship
    • #instagood
    • #bestfriend
    • #bestfriends
    • #besties
    • #goodfriends
    • #friendshipgoals
    • #squadgoals
    • #bff
    • #lovethem
    • #friendsforever
    • #friendshipquotes
    • #friendsforlife

This is a great selection of some of the most popular best friend related hashtags. Use these when showing your love for your bffs.

Doing so will see Instagram raring to push your contribution to the top of its pile when strangers are casually browsing how others pass the days with their own forever friends.


Come on, let’s prove it.

Mix it up

You get 30 tags on any post, and 10 on any Story, so make it more than superficial.

Who is in the photo? Where are you? What are you feeling?

The deeper the hashtags go, the more you’re going to stand out as being unique from those lazy Gramers who settle for a lone #bff. Yay, you’re awesome, not!

Make a bit more effort and your best friend selfie will soon be getting love from all over the globe.

The secret best friend selfie hashtag bonus list, add dog

 #happy #rideordie #dogsofinstagram #dog #friends #cute #family #travel #smile #fun #photooftheday #bestfriendgoals #puppy #beautiful #friendship #photography #summer #dogs #life #best #memories #california #party #blessed

As you might notice from this additional list of the most popular best friend related tags, furry friends can play a big role in boosting your best friend related selfies.

If you’ve not got a dog, steal one!. At least for the photo. Probably give it back later though or that wouldn’t be cool.

Any-who, so there you have it. An awesome selection of hashtags and thought-provoking tips that should get your brain whirring and thinking outside of the box the next time you post a best friend selfie.

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