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68 Amazing April Hashtags for Instagram

by Katie Davies / March 6, 2022

By the month of April, spring has already sprung.

The weather is getting warmer, flowers have begun to bloom, and baby lambs are coming out to play for the first time. (Eek — so cute and fluffy!)

April can also bring with it Easter (depending on where the holiday falls on the calendar that year).

And you know what this means: An Instagram feed that’s filled with chocolate eggs and Easter candy galore, making you drool all over your screen as you scroll. (Oops.)

Whether you’re posting photos of your family’s annual Easter egg hunt or filming the biggest April Fool’s prank you’ve ever pulled on your partner, don’t forget to use these selfie hashtags to attract and engage your ideal follower.

Why These April Instagram Hashtags Are Amazing

Let’s face it, you can hashtag your Instagram photos, videos, carousels, Reels, and Stories with pretty much anything.

However, not every hashtag you think up is going to get you the traction you’re looking for. In fact, if you use lots of the same irrelevant hashtags just to gain more visibility, you may end up getting shadowbanned.

(Trust me, this isn’t as cool as it sounds.)

What does it mean to be shadowbanned, you ask? Well, it means that Instagram will hide or restrict your content without telling you. 

Your content will be seen as inappropriate and violating Instagram’s community guidelines. As a result, you won’t appear on anyone’s feeds or the hashtags pages. 

*Sob!* Not fair, right?

That’s why you need to be thoughtful about your hashtag selection. Opt for the ones that relate to the subject you’re posting about and your content will reach a more relevant audience.

Say it with me now: The more descriptive the hashtag, the more you will please Instagram and potential followers alike, gaining more visibility and engagement.


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Easter Hashtags for Instagram

Let’s dive right into our tried-and-tested list. Yes, that’s right — I’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. (That’s how much I care about you winning at Instagram — and at life!)

While you’re waiting for the Easter bunny to arrive, begin the celebration by inserting these hashtags into your Easter-related posts:

  • #easter2022
  • #eastereggs
  • #easterdecor
  • #easterbunny
  • #easterweekend
  • #easterbasket
  • #easterholiday
  • #eastercookies
  • #easteregghunt
  • #eastercake
  • #easterpictures
  • #easterfashion
  • #easterbox
  • #easterdecoration
  • #easternails
  • #eastercandy
  • #easterfun
  • #easterday
  • #easterdinner
  • #eastercards
  • #easterfood
  • #easterwreath
  • #eastermonday
  • #eastervigil
  • #eastercandles
  • #eastergiftsforkids
  • #eastercrafts
  • #easterdress
  • #easterbreakfast
  • #easterparty
  • #easterart
  • #easterphotography
  • #eastermood
  • #easterbrunch
  • #eastercupcakes


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April-Themed Hashtags for Instagram

The following hashtags are more specific for the month of April itself and all it has to offer, from April Fools’ Day to April showers.


  • #april2022
  • #aprilfools
  • #aprilfoolsprank
  • #aprilisautismawarenessmonth
  • #aprilsnow
  • #aprilbabies
  • #aprilfoolsday
  • #aprilreads
  • #aprilwedding
  • #aprilflowers
  • #aprilbirthdays
  • #aprilyogachallenge
  • #aprilpoolday
  • #aprilchallenge
  • #aprilshowers
  • #aprilfashion
  • #aprilstyle
  • #aprilmakeup
  • #aprilmakeupchallenge
  • #aprilphotochallenge
  • #aprilphotoaday
  • #aprilphotoadaychallenge
  • #aprilpoetrymonth
  • #aprilpromo
  • #aprilphotography
  • #apriltravels
  • #aprildrawingchallenge
  • #aprildays
  • #aprilforartists
  • #aprilfullmoon
  • #aprilfestival
  • #aprilfitnesschallenge
  • #aprilfavorites

A Note on Tagging Your April Posts for the ‘Gram

Hopefully, these hashtags have provided some inspo for your next April Insta pic or video.

Remember to niche down so you can improve the chances of your post being seen.

Oh, and keep in mind that accounts that are set to private won’t have their posts appear publicly on hashtag pages. Thank me later. 


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