Badass Selfie Hashtags for Instagram

Flaunt your strong female energy with these badass selfie hashtags. From #selfiequeen to #bosslady, show off your inner boss with these popular tags.

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Do you hear Megan Thee Stallion's "Savage" playing in your head every time you walk into a room?

No doubt about it, you're that B, and you've got no shame in flaunting it.

If you're itching to show off your badass status, next time you post a fire photo to Instagram, make sure to add some of these badass selfie hashtags to your caption.

1) #selfiequeen #savage #savagelife #icequeen #modelife #coolgirl #badass

If your pic is just generally all about showing off your strong female energy, try out some of these badass selfie hashtags.

Throw in a smoldering, confident smirk, and whoa, you've hit the selfie jackpot.

2) #sexy #badgirl #badgirlclub #sexypic #sexyselfie #sexycurves #hotgirl

You're a badass and you have no fear when it comes to flaunting what your mama gave ya for the camera.

In this case, try using some of these sexy selfie hashtags.

Just be careful, depending on what you're going for here, you could start getting an interesting crowd checking out your pics, if you know what we mean.

Safety first, ladies.

3) #inked #girlswithtattoos #tattoomodel #rockandrollstyle

Showing off your bad girl energy comes in all shapes and forms.

For some, it's more of the Ice Queen vibes. For others, it might be all about the coy and sensual selfie.

And still others might be going for more of a leather-jacket-wearing-tattooed kind of feel, ya know?

If you fall into this badass category, the above hashtags are for you.

4) #womenentrepreneur #womensupportingwomen #womeninbusiness #bosslady #womeninbiz

Does your badass status come more from you killin' it in your business?

Hairstylist, writer, artist, clothing designer — oh, we see you, girl, and we want you to show off that badass CEO status with some of these badass selfie hashtags. You in?

Tell us: What kind of badass are you?


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