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Beauty Do’s And Don’ts for Quarantine

by Team Facetune / May 4, 2020

Beauty during quarantine?

There’s two schools of thought.

On the one hand, who cares? It doesn’t look like you’ll be seeing anyone anytime soon. On the flipside, maybe it’s essential. For the soul. To help us feel a certain kind of ‘human’. In the name of beauty guides — here’s a round-up of do’s and don’ts while you’re stuck at home: what to consider indulging in and what you should probably leave behind, for now.

Do: Try a new skill

Never quite mastered the art of contouring or the elusive cat-eye? Feel like trying out the new rainbow eye shadow trend à la James Charles? Somehow made it through middle school without ever learning to French braid? Now’s the time to round out your beauty game and learn a few new tricks. YouTube is your wise and ever-patient mentor, with all the answers you’re looking for. Need ideas? Say no more, here’s 10:

Don’t: Give yourself bangs

The idea of learning a new skill ends here, as horrifying visions of Lena Dunham’s haircut disaster in GIRLS jolt back and forth through my memory. Giving yourself bangs has simply never worked. Neither does trimming them yourself. You cut a bit, it’s not straight, you trim the other side, oops — uneven. Okay, now it’s straight – except this one piece – crap, now that’s too short, and again and again, until you have full fledged Dumb and Dumber fringe bangs that only cover ¼ of your forehead and you can’t leave the house. 

Young woman cuts her hair at home using a hand mirror. She sits on her bed with her pet cat sitting on her lap.

Luckily (?), you really can’t leave the house, but still, this is not what you want. We’re all regretting putting off that hair salon appointment and itching for a fresh cut, but no matter how much you want a new look, or how long your bangs get – do not let anyone but a professional come close. Your (and your over-enthusiastic roommate’s) own idle hands included.

Do: Start and stick to a skin care routine

Consistent actions = consistent results. Until now maybe you just didn’t have the time or energy but it’s Corona-time, and those excuses have expired. A 4-step skin care regimen that includes a cleanser, a toner, a serum and a moisturizer, is easy enough to handle, even once we’re back to normal scheduling. 

  • Cleanser. Find a cleanser that works best for your type of skin, whether it’s oily, dry, or crazy combination like mine.
  • Toner. A good toner tightens pores to help block environmental contaminants from permeating your skin. Sounds like something you’d want to include in your routine right now.
  • Serum. Serums are concentrated with specific active ingredients, so choose one with ingredients that tackle exactly what your skin needs like retinol for anti-aging or Vitamin E for acne scars.
  • Moisturizer. Look for one with SPF (summer will come and social distancing will end…eventually) and apply it all over your face and neck.

Think of your skin care routine as self-care. Not only are you nourishing your skin, you’re adding some much-needed routine into the otherwise chaotic blend of unknown. Still not convinced? This is why a skin care routine actually does matter.

Don’t: Commit to a 20-step skin care routine

Yes, you have time. Doesn’t mean you should spend 93% of it on skin care – not to mention the money you’ll shell out on a laundry list of expensive products. Just like alcohol and carbs, moderation is key here too. Get used to a skin care routine you can stick with once we’ve returned to real life. 

Young woman with a mask and rolls of cucumber on her face

Do: Take a break from beauty 

For years, we’ve tweezed, we’ve burned our hair, we’ve put glue on our lashes and covered our skin in layers. Is this the universe hinting that it’s time to just breathe for a while? Try not straightening, blow-drying, or using any hair products. Take off your polish, toenails included. Let your makeup collect dust in your top drawer or better yet, go through that top drawer and toss any dried-up mascara or neon purple lipstick — whatever you haven’t touched in the last few months. 

You may discover that you look pretty cute with curly hair, or you like the way thicker eyebrows frame your face. If you’re cool with going au naturel until you need to snap a selfie, there’s apps like Facetune2 which give you the look you’re going for, with smooth skin and digital ‘paint’ brushes, no actual makeup required.

Don’t: Neglect your hands

Sandpaper or skin? Hard to tell these days. 

Handwashing at level OCD has left us all with dry, cracked skin. If you’re considering a beauty break, this is a place where you’ll do the opposite. It’s certainly not the trendiest product, but Vaseline has been saving my ashy skin since the 90s.

Apply a generous amount of Vaseline all over your hands before bed, put on some gloves (socks work, too) and wake up with skin softer than your baby nephew’s. Plus, it’s a great exercise in not touching your face — god knows that’s been one of the bigger challenges of this pandemic! If you were inspired with the idea of going natural, olive oil or coconut oil will do wonders. Whip up a batch of a DIY moisturizer and kill some time honing yet another new skill.

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