Edit like a pro with our tutorials. Whether it’s photos or videos, we guide you through every tap to create stunning results.

How to use overlay in photos

Learn how to combine two photos easily with just a few taps for a flawless final look.

Woman with perfect makeup and hairstyle.

Learn how to fix over-edited selfies with the Restore tool in Facetune! Easily restore distorted areas and compare your edits to the original. Say goodbye to over-editing and hello to a natural look.

Photo editing tutorials and guides

Learn pro-level photo editing with Facetune! Repair and restore old photos, remove people and objects, change backgrounds, brighten eyes, and more with easy tutorials. Upgrade your social media game and fashion photos too.

A Facetune-edited selfie with vintage filters.

Learn how to give your digital photos a vintage, distressed look with Facetune. Use filters and editing features to create an old-fashioned vibe in just a few simple steps. Follow the tutorial to create retro-style photos that are perfect for social media or hanging on your wall.

A woman poses with a white shirt and a blue jacket

Learn how to edit your selfies like a pro and make yourself the center of attention with these two easy ways to blur the background of your photos. Don't let distractions in the background take away from your beautiful smile and eyes!

A woman with a green jacket in the background of leaves

Learn how to easily remove timestamps from old photos using Facetune! Discover the Patch and Vanish tools and add a vintage vibe to your pictures.

A woman with blond hair is looking at the camera.

Learn how to edit your photos quickly and easily with Facetune's auto-editing feature! Say goodbye to over-brightened images and hello to a flawless feed.

A woman with a yellow tank top and blue eyes is lying on the sand

Learn how to restore and improve old photographs using Facetune's features. Repair damage, smooth pixels, sharpen edges, whiten teeth and eyes, and add a modern filter.

How to remove people from photo

Wave goodbye to photobombers & exes with Facetune's Vanish tool. Distraction-free pics are a tap away!

Get bigger eyes with these tips

Learn how to enhance your eyes in photos with Facetune. Get wider, brighter eyes with just a few tweaks using the Size, Width, Height, and Whiten tools. Don't let your eyes ruin your perfect shot!

Make Photo Smile with Facetune

Learn how to naturally enhance your pearly whites in every photo with these easy steps.

A woman takes a selfie in a car garage

Learn how to use Facetune to improve your photos' lighting and angles. Remove unflattering shadows and adjust your nose's size and width with these simple steps.