7 ways to get whiter teeth when you're a coffee addict

There’s no time for shyness today, people. If it’s impossible to ignore your yellow, coffee-stained teeth any longer.

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7 Ways To Get Whiter Teeth When You're A Coffee Addict

There’s no time for shyness today, people. If it’s impossible to ignore your yellow, coffee-stained teeth any longer, let’s solve the problem. They sabotage your perfect selfie, they keep your hands constantly hiding your face, and I know you’re just fed up with feeling self-conscious about your smile.

And no, I’m gonna get into whitening with all those super fancy whitening treatments that your dentist keeps trying to push on you (you’re no Rockefeller).

No, no, today let’s keep it much simpler, and more importantly, attainable. From natural whitening treatments you’ve heard rumors about, to clever camera tricks you can use to make your teeth look whiter, keep your wallet happy while giving you that luminous smile you’ve always craved. And for fixing up an already-taken selfie, you can whiten your teeth in photos with just a few clicks.

7 Ways To Whiten Your Teeth

1. Have you tried oil pulling?

Sure, oil pulling sounds like something reserved for those spending their days at yoga retreats and their nights in a deep meditation, but let’s be clear: Oil pulling is for everyone.

Simply swish some coconut oil around in your mouth for a couple of minutes (up to 15), and the oil will pull bacteria and plaque away from your teeth, resulting in a whiter and brighter smile.

Yeah sure, the idea might have you gagging now, but once you start, you never go back.

2. Brush with baking soda

Hey, I get it, we don’t all want to sit around with coconut oil in our mouths for 15 minutes. If this is you, switch out the oil for baking soda.

With the same teeth-scrubbing properties as coconut oil, you can easily brush as you normally would but add in the extra step of brushing with a baking soda mix. With continued use, you will notice a difference in the color of your teeth.

3. Eat your fruits and veggies

Can achieving whiter teeth really be as simple as a diet change?


And no.

You’re not going to all of a sudden have the whitest, brightest teeth by simply eating your daily fruits and veg, BUT by getting more salad into your life, the fresh food will help remove unwanted plaque build-up. Yes, please!

In particular, focus on strawberries and pineapple for a brighter smile.

4. There’s no shame in using Facetune

But seriously, there is no shame in using Facetune. Do I need to repeat that for the people in the back?

For some, stained teeth are just a result of genetics, and no matter what you do, unless you win the lottery and invest in some fancy Veneers, you’re never going to feel fully confident in your smile.

Let today's technology help.

Facetune2 offers a magical, one-tap whitening tool that makes your teeth shades lighter. For those weary about getting a look that’s too fake or overly white, you should know that you can control how white you go with a slider. Yes, it’s really that simple.

5. Use a straw

Coffee, tea, red wine, when it comes to those dark-colored beverages, if you’re regularly consuming them, you’re going to stain your teeth. No ifs, ands, or buts.

But I’m not about to encourage you to give up your favorite drink, right now, no ma’am.

Just start using a straw. You may feel a little silly drinking your morning coffee from a straw, but if you want pearly whites, investing in a nice stainless steel straw that you can use for all your favorite beverages will come in handy and keep your teeth white and bright.

6. Rinse your mouth out

In addition to using a straw to drink coffee and red wine, it’s also good practice to rinse your mouth after drinking. This won’t entirely remove the staining effects of these drinks, but the combo of a straw and an immediate mouth rinse will dramatically decrease the likelihood of dramatic staining.

And oh, let’s not forget to mention that this is especially important if you’re someone who enjoys munching on yummy blueberries, beets, or blackberries. You obviously can’t eat these foods with a straw, so be sure to at least rinse your mouth to help with staining.

7. Experiment with activated charcoal

You’ve seen it all over Instagram: Your favorite influencers showing off their white smiles, claiming activated charcoal is the miracle cure.

But does activated charcoal actually work?

Honestly? It depends. Some studies claim that there’s no scientific evidence to back up the effectiveness of activated charcoal, while more anecdotal evidence seems to disagree.

So try it! I would suggest experimenting with activated charcoal, but be cautious about how much you use (some studies show it can actually weaken enamel).

And If Nothing Seems To Work...

If you’re at your wit’s end, there are the pricier teeth whitening trays, gels, LED light, and treatments from your dentist to explore. If you’ve got the cash to spare, don’t hesitate to throw some dollars at whitening treatments.

While the options can feel overwhelming at times, just know that you’ll likely have to experiment to find the teeth whitening treatments that work for your specific needs.

In other words, just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither were pearly whites.

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