Make Your Beard Look Good for Selfies With 4 Simple Tips

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You’ve worked hard on your face mane, patiently cultivating it from those early days of awkward stubble to a full-grown symbol of your manliness. So, it's no wonder you want to show it off. But whether it's a Tinder photo or your LinkedIn profile, to proudly display the fuzz, you'll need to take some good selfies.

Here are a few of our best tricks for helping you accentuate your muttonchops in selfies, causing the men to envy and the women to swoon.



1. Grooming

From handlebar mustaches to full-on grandfather beards, you’ll want to get that thing squeaky clean. And for gosh sakes, man, make sure there are no chunks of food left in there. Clean it and preen it.

For a polished, healthy look, finish it off with a bit of oil. This will prevent flyaways and give your beard an extra sheen in pics.



2. Lighting

To illuminate your beard in all its awesome glory, you need the right light. Avoid direct sunlight at high noon as this will wash you out in pictures.

Instead, use daytime light by a window, in the shade, or in overcast conditions. And never underestimate the power of golden hour.



3. Background

You want them swooning over your "yeard" (one year of growth), not distracted by the sweaty guy jogging behind you. Choose a simple background like a solid color wall or a plain landscape. To up the cool factor, find a weathered, vintage-style brick wall. And please: NO TOILETS.



If you happen to snap a killer photo with a terrible background, Facetune can easily fix it. Here's how to change the background in your photos.

4. Angles

Instagram gals know that the key to great pics is in the angles. To best accentuate your features (including jawlines and beard lines), aim your camera a little higher.

We’re not asking you to start acting like your girlfriend — just lift the phone a little bit. This will give you a flattering shot.



And finally?


You might think it looks tough and attractive to be so serious (helllo, toxic masculinity), but in reality, it's mostly off-putting and sometimes a little creepy. People are drawn to other happy people and a friendly smile will only add to the awesomeness of your beard.


Generate AI Images with your own selfies

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