Golden Hour Selfie Poses

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Ahhhh, golden hour. The best time of day. Flattering lighting and a good pose can really make or break your selfies. If mother nature is providing the lighting, you only need to nail the pose. These are the tried and tested best poses to take advantage of during golden hour and raise your selfie game.

For general golden hour selfie tips, click here. And for golden hour selfie pose ideas, read on below. :)

1) Eyes closed, face to the sun

One of the most popular golden-hour poses involves closing your eyes, turning your face to the sun, and bathing in the golden light. Golden hour can give the illusion of perfect skin even if it's not true. Tilt your chin up to avoid a double chin and keep the selfie focused on your face rather than your outfit.

A woman takes a selfie with a strong sun on her face

2) Full-body selfie

With good lighting and the warmth of the sun, golden hour is the best time of the day to show off that killer outfit you haven't been able to wear out yet. If you want the best shot, a selfie stick will help you get the distance. If you don’t have a selfie stick, try tilting your phone diagonally to get most of your outfit in. Now, look up into the camera to get good light on your face and stand with one foot in front of the other to show off your outfit without toppling over.


3) Shade your eyes

Golden hour is incredible, but it is still pretty strong sunlight. Tilt your head up and raise your phone slightly. Look directly into the camera but shield your eyes from the sun using your hand. The shadows make a fantastic contrast. If you don't want to use your hand, any kind of hat will create a contrast shadow effect. Or, if you take sensible precautions, you can use the light to highlight your features.

A woman takes a selfie under a tree with a strong sun on her face

4) Light behind

It might sound controversial, but golden hour selfies don't have to have the sun on your face. They look just as good with the sun behind you. Keep the sun directly behind your head and play with the lighting settings on your phone. This way, you'll end up with a fantastic halo of light behind you, but just be sure the shadows on your face aren't too harsh. This looks cute if you are tilting your head slightly down. Pull your chin forward to keep a strong jawline and keep the camera level with your face—practically an angel.

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