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I know, I know, you don't want to put too much effort into your selfie pose and look like an idiot. But did you ever think that too little effort looks even worse?

There's something so awkward about someone just standing still taking a photo of themselves. If you never know what to do with your hands, don't know how to stand or where to look, fear not, we've got you covered with the ultimate list of standing selfies poses.

1) Best foot forward

When it comes to standing selfies, if you're using a mirror, make sure you stand with one foot slightly further forward than the other. Keep your weight on your back foot and slightly twist your body, so you aren't straight on. This is a model-confirmed pose to keep you looking slim, tall, and stunning. It's what all the celebs do on the red carpet.

A woman stands and takes a selfie with a mirror

2) From Above

If you don't want to use a mirror, taking a selfie from up high is unusual but still flattering. This angle means no double chin, no dodgy shadows, and you can still get your whole outfit in. Make sure you've got nice shoes on, though! Tilt your face up to meet the camera and smile. Make sure the lighting is above you, not below you, to avoid looking a bit creepy.

from above selfie pose woman

3) Phone tilt

This pose is fantastic if you want to take a regular selfie but want to capture more than just your face and neck. Tilt your phone on a diagonal to get more of your body in. This will still give you a portrait image, but the angle is not only flatting to your face, we'll also be able to see your arm. Rather than leave your arm by your side, bring it up to touch something close to your face. You could hold your scarf, tuck your hair behind your ear, play with a necklace, or touch your glasses.

4) Tuck your knee

If you don't feel comfortable having one foot further forward, bring your feet together, bend one knee, and tuck it in to create an hourglass shape. This is an excellent face-on pose that doesn't require turning to the side. Put your hand on your hip to draw attention to your waist for a figure even Marylin Monroe would be jealous of.


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