Camera Makeup: 5 Makeup Tips to Help You Look Good on Camera

Learn how to achieve your #selfiegoals with these makeup tips! From bold colors to avoiding shimmer, get camera-ready with these 5 easy tricks.

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The right selfie makeup can make or break your photos. Want to avoid looking like a tired, washed-out princess? You don’t need to be a makeup artist or photographer to achieve a like-worthy Insta photo.

By following these tips and tricks, you can reach your #selfiegoals and look camera-ready, every time.


1. Bold Is Better

Even the best selfie cameras tend to take a desaturated version of the real thing. So, when you're doing your makeup, aim for bold color. You don’t have to go full glam, but choosing slightly darker shades (preferably in matte formulas) will help you stand out in pics.

And don't skip the contour! Cameras tend to wash out structural definition, so combat this with the right shade of contour and a bit of blush.


2. Don't Take the Cake

Heavy, cakey foundation can settle in fine lines and wrinkles, which can seriously diminish your usual hotness. The best thing about today's smartphone cameras is that they pick up every last detail.

The worst thing is that they pick up every last detail.  

Your best bet is to opt for a high-quality or professional foundation and dab on a thin layer. Apply only to the center of your face where the skin is most porous and prone to redness.

And if redness or blemishes show up anyway, you can always use Facetune to smooth out your skin in selfies.[block id="your-selfies"]

3. Stay Away From Shimmer

A touch of glow won't hurt, but in general, you want to avoid shimmer or pearlescent makeup in excess. Shimmery makeup causes light to scatter, which can cast weird shadows and shapes on the face. On camera, this can look like dirt. Unless you're going for an earthy-hiker look, get rid of the glimmer.

4. Fall for Fake Lashes

Eyes are typically the focal point in selfies. Give your image a boost where it counts and invest in some falsies. False eyelashes create a dramatic effect and look good on nearly any eye shape. Plus, if you don’t feel like contending with glue, there are tons of magnetic lashes out there that make application way easy.


Don’t want to invest? Try a winged eyeliner look. This one has been around since Cleopatra's heyday for one main reason — it works! The winged look can elongate any eye shape, and give your selfies a touch of drama.

5. Get the Light Right

This last one is mostly a preventative measure. You want to make sure your glow-up doesn't go to waste, and, as every photographer knows, the right light is key. Just like makeup, this aspect can make or break a photo. Sure, you can invest in some artificial lighting, but that gets costly, time-consuming, and has the potential to go very wrong. Even a mere flash can wash out the best and boldest makeup colors.

@linandjirsaHow to find that perfect light for selfies! #phototips #photohacks #photography #photomagic #todayilearned♬ Backyard Boy - Claire Rosinkranz

To be safe, always pose in natural light. Now, we’re not talking right under the midday sun, more like by a window, or an open space in the shade (or better yet, during the magical golden hour).

And don't let a rainy day stop your photo op. Overcast conditions are actually an ideal lighting situation.

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