Camera360 vs Facetune: Which is better?

Looking for the perfect selfie editing software? In this article, we compare two of the most popular options: Camera360 and Facetune. While Camera360 offers a variety of editing options, Facetune specializes in facial editing.

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camera360 vs Facetune

Every guy and gal wants to get that perfect selfie that shows off the best self, right? Duh. But, let’s be real, some days we just can’t seem to get the winning shot, no matter what we do. Bummer. Butttttt this also isn’t entirely necessary when we have photo editing tools that help us put our best foot—ahem, face—forward.  

Oh yeah, we can hear you from here scrambling to find the best photo editing software. 

Thing is, there are a lot of options, and tbh it can make the whole selfie experience a little overwhelming when you’re adding this extra editing step. 

Today we’re going to help you make your next selfie totally seamless by comparing two of the most popular photo editing software out there: Camera360 and Facetune. Pick the option that best suits your selfie needs, and voila, you’ll have the perfect selfie that has all the likes heading your way. 

The main differences between Camera360 and Facetune 

  • Camera 360 offers a variety of editing options that can feel overwhelming. Facetune specializes in facial editing.
  • Camera360 only allows you to edit 60 seconds of video. Facetune allows you to edit 5 minutes  
  • Camera 360 offers a 3-day free trial. Facetune offers a 7 day free trial
  • Camera 360 only offers one payment option. Facetune offers three options based on your needs 

Comparing Camera360 to Facetune:

What is Camera360 app? 

Camera360 is a photo-editing tool that offers filters, stickers, and even make-up that you can add to your image. 

But can’t we find filters directly on apps like Instagram? Yes, you certainly can, but what makes Camera360 different is the sheer volume of different filters that are available to you. 

Not only that but they also offer face and body shaping if you’re looking for a little help to make your picture shine. You can even alter your background if there’s something not vibing with your aesthetic. 

Basically, it’s your one-stop shop for editing the perfect selfie.   

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Key Features of Camera360

While we know you don’t need a ton of retouching because you’re fire just the way you are, it’s always nice to have the option. 

Camera360 offers a variety of facial retouching tools including smoothing skin, face reshaping, and a one-tap beauty feature that makes it as easy as a click of a button to get the perfect selfie. 

If you’re into filters, you have no shortage of options here, too. In fact, there are over 300 filters! Yes, you read that correctly. And oh, don’t forget that filters aren’t only for the face. You can also play with filters that change your background (i.e. if it’s a dreary day, use the “Magic Sky” filter). 

On top of that, you also have makeup filters that range from more natural looks to full glam looks (no more having to buy fancy schmancy makeup to get your ideal #MOTD).

And, of course, you also have your standard editing tools like saturation and exposure, as well as more specialized editing tools that allow you to change colors in your photos (hello brown eyes to blue eyes). 

Lastly, don’t forget that Camera360 also has video capabilities. With video content getting more and more popular, this is kind of a must in our books.  

User Experience 

Like most things in life, if the above description and key features sounded a little too good to be true, we’re sad to be the bearers of bad news, but this app is not the perfect selfie editing software that you likely hoped for. 

We would say that the user experience is relatively intuitive if you have any experience working with modern-day photo editing software. Having said that, it does have some downfalls that make the user experience a little clunky, including: 

  • Use of the app drains your phone’s battery (the worst)
  • The sheer number of filters and options can be overwhelming for a lot of users 
  • Many users find that facial detection abilities are lacking (i.e. the app doesn’t recognize your face as a face…wtf)
  • Some customers prefer the original version of Camera360, but there is no option to revert back 
  • Small icons that make it hard to edit
  • Not to mention, users find it difficult to contact customer support when something does go wrong 

If you’re looking to take your time and play with a photo, Camera360 works, but when you’re hoping for quick fixes that you can have done with the snap of your finger, you might find yourself playing around with this app more than you would like.  


Camera360 is going to set you back $23.99/year if you want to use all the features.

You also have a three-day free trial, so if the features aren’t what you expected or the user experience is just not working for you, you can easily cancel your plan, no questions asked. 

You can also use the free version, but you’re going to find that most of the features aren’t unlocked with this version. This includes if you want to save your image. If you don’t pay for VIP access, you’ll end up working on your photo and then not being able to save it. 

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What is Facetune?

The perfect alternative to Photoshop, Facetune allows everyone and anyone to get the Hollywood look straight from the convenience of their mobile phone. 

Think of it this way: Facetune is the modern way to get a magazine-worthy look that in the past would have only been available to professional photographers. The secret is out, easy touch-ups are now available to all with this magical tool. 

Okay, so what should you expect when you start diving into this photo editing app?

Key Features 

Whether you want the perfect headshot for your next job interview or you want to show off the best version of yourself to your friends, Facetune can help you do this with powerful editing tools. 

Facetune allows you to edit and perfect all areas of your face. You can widen your smile, whiten your teeth, smooth your skin, erase dark circles, change your eye color, shade over grey hairs, refine the jawline, shrink your nose, and heighten your cheekbones to Bella Hadid level. 

And we’re just getting started! There are plenty more face-shaping tools that allow you to have fun and play with your images to get your perfect look.  

If you’re not interested in facial reshaping, Facetune still has you covered. 

There are makeup filters that allow you to add shades to specific parts of the face. For instance, want red lips? Boom, Facetune makes it as easy as a click of a button. 

You can even stick with just some basic photo enhancements if you don’t want to touch your face. For instance, you can add a blurry background so all eyes are on you, you can add unique textures to the image, you can improve the lighting, or you can add fun creative effects like frames and special artistic touches. 

The bottom line, Facetune allows you to get creative, have fun, and show off your image in whatever manner you please. The sky is the limit.  

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User Experience 

Facetune strives to make the editing process as seamless and intuitive as possible. Helpful guides are provided during the editing process so you always feel confident with your edits.

You’ll also find that getting started with your edits is as easy as clicking a button. Simply grant Facetune access to your camera roll, and you’ll easily be able to edit as many selfies as you want. You can even sort your images so that you’re only looking at videos This way, you’re not searching through hundreds of photos to get to that one video that you want to edit. 

Customers also appreciate those little reminders about how less is more, encouraging users to edit their images so they can share with confidence, but not to over-edit to the point that we don’t recognize your beautiful face anymore. 

And lastly, Facetune gives you the option to edit 5 minutes of video at a time, which can be extremely convenient if you have longer video footage that you want to edit. 


Everyone has different needs when it comes to how often they’ll use photo editing software. Facetune accounts for this by offering different pricing structures. 

  • You can pay $3.91/month if you commit to a year subscription 
  • $10.49 if you want to be billed monthly. 
  • Or you can opt for the one-time purchase of $99.99 and never have to pay for another photo editing app again. 

If you’re not sure which price works best for your needs, you also have a totally free 7-day trial available to you.  

Camera360 vs Facetune: So which one is better?

Both apps have their benefits, but when making your decision about which app to use, it boils down to this: 

If you want to spend a lot of time editing and playing with filters that give your image a totally different look, Camera360 will keep you entertained with its abundance of tools. 

If you want a photo editor that is specifically designed to help you put your best face forward, Facetune will provide a quick and seamless experience without all the fuss. 

We would also say that Facetune is better suited for those who plan on editing a lot of video content.

The option is yours, but in our fast-paced world where people are more critical than ever about over-doing it on editing, we would say go with Facetune for a fresh look that helps you get your picture up and ready to go in seconds. 

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Bring out your best self in your selfies with Facetune
Join a community of 200M+ and discover why Facetune is the world's top selfie editor. Experience the fastest and easiest way to edit with our ultimate one-tap tools, made for every skill level.

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