Picture Quiz Time: Our 7 favorite celebrity photo quizzes

Put your celeb knowledge to the test with these 7 fun photo quizzes. From guessing baby pics to identifying celebs from just their lips, challenge yourself with these tests of pop culture knowledge.

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Ahhh, the timeless art of the online photo quiz. Everyone's favorite secret pastime. In this version of photo & picture quizzes, we focus on celebs. Are you a celeb know-it-all? Are you obsessed with Ari’s hair and Kim’s love life?

Your expertise in random celebrity facts and faces is about to come in handy. These 7 celebrity photo quizzes are the perfect way to put your celebrity knowledge to the test.

Sure, it’s easy enough to identify pics of celebs on the red carpet, but can you spot Jake Gyllenhaal just from his elementary school photo?

Ready to test your knowledge?

Check out our 7 favorite celebrity photo quizzes to test your mettle

Without further ado, here are our favorite photo & picture quizzes from the world of celebs, movies and entertainment:

The Hardest Celebrity Photo Quiz You'll Ever Take: Can You Guess Which Photo Is Older?

Yes, you know Beyonce’s gorgeous look by heart, but can you spot which of her selfies is older? For ageless celebs like Beyonce and Elijah Wood, it’s not so easy to tell the difference between recent and older pics. Take this People quiz to test how well you remember celebrities’ faces over time.

We'll Honestly Be So Impressed If You Can Identify 7/10 Of These Celebrities By Their Lips

Can you identify a famous singer just by their signature pout? Take this Buzzfeed quiz to see if you can spot the difference between Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Dua Lipa, and Kylie Jenner just based on a lip closeup.

Quiz: Can you guess the celebrity from their baby picture?

Take this quiz from The Tab to guess the celeb just based on their baby pictures. The fun of this quiz isn’t just answering it correctly; you get to see celebs in mini form, too!

Can You Guess Who The Celebs Are In These Cute Throwback Pics?

Okay, some childhood celeb photos are a dead ringer for their now-famous faces, but some of these questions are tough! Buzzfeed threw in a few infant photos in this one, so you’ll have to use all of your pop culture knowledge to master this celebrity photo quiz.


TMZ Celebrity Scramble Photo Picture Quiz

If you’re a wiz-kid at normal celebrity photo quizzes, this one from TMZ will throw you for a loop. They’ve scrambled together different celebs’ faces and it’s your job to figure out who’s who. But don’t worry—they give you plenty of hints to decipher the famous faces.

Can You Spot the Differences In These Celebrity Photos?

E! took a different approach with this celebrity photo quiz and it’s actually kind of hard! They took several iconic celebrity photos and changed some small details. Play detective to see if you can spot all of the subtle changes.

Only People With Pop Culture Knowledge And Eagle Eyes Can Identify These Singers From A Single Blurred Image

Some celebrities are easy to identify even in a blurred image, but Buzzfeed paired up several celebrities that are dead ringers for each other. I bet you can’t guess all 11 correctly!

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