How to look fantastic with a little help from face editor apps

Get the perfect selfie with these five face editor app tricks from Facetune: change your hair color, whiten your teeth, add a cool filter, make your facial features pop, and touch up with one tap. Look your best without the hassle. Try it now!

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You’ve got natural beauty, hot stuff. But sometimes, no matter how you angle the camera, change your outfit, or adjust the lighting, you’re not happy with your selfie game.

And you spent ages getting ready for this, too. Damn.

It happens to all of us. Don’t waste an opportunity for an awesome selfie. The right face editor app can give you the look you want — and you won't have to fuss in front of your smartphone for half an hour.

You game? Great! Get the look you crave with these five face editor app tricks from Facetune:

1) Change Your Hair Color

That’s right! You can put down the gross boxed dyes and semi-permanent dye jobs. Facetune lets you change the color of your hair with just one tap.

Are you feeling like a flirty blonde or a fiery redhead? The right face editor app gives you a hair color that complements your entire look — no wigs or dye needed.

Get a new hairstyle by:

  • Opening Facetune.
  • Going to Hair > Hair Color
  • Tapping on the hair color you'd like to try. Since there’s no dye involved, go wild and try out every color! Why not?
use face app for changing hair color

2) Whiten Your Teeth

Have you been indulging in plenty of red wine and coffee lately? Same! While these delicious drinks are the elixirs of life, they do a lot of damage to your pearly whites.

Good news, though: Facetune lets you swipe over your smile to get a gleaming set of showstopper teeth.

It’s easy! Just follow these quick steps:

  • Open Facetune.
  • Go to Whiten.
  • You can choose Auto and the app will pick your level of brightness, or you can swipe it on yourself — your choice.

3) Add A Cool Filter

You've got a selfie aesthetic, right? Well, sometimes all your pic needs is a badass filter to help you look your best. The right face editor app will add the right mood to showcase your eyes, makeup, outfit, and more.

Here's how to do it:

  • Go Facetune.
  • Open Filters.

Choose from dozens of options to fit your aesthetic, from Vivid to Noir to Ocean.

face edit app for filter change

4) Let Your Facial Features Pop

Did you know you can get pouty lips without selling your kidney for a Kylie Lip Kit? Face editor apps like Facetune help you highlight your fave features with just a few taps. You can emphasize your pouty lips with fuller brows, too — without the time or expense of makeup.

Here's how:

  • Open Facetune.
  • Go to Face and choose from eyes, nose, eyebrows, or lips.
  • Use the slider to emphasize or minimize your features as you see fit. You can change the height, width, or size of every feature, too.

5) Touch-Up With One Tap

There are tons of cool ways to overhaul your look with a face editor app like Facetune. But we know you’re not always selfie-ing from the comfort of home. You might be on the go or just downright busy.

When you want to touch up your look with just a tap, use Facetune’s Touch Up feature. It automatically amps up the luxe on your selfies, giving you a natural finish when you’re in a hurry.

It’s literally the tap of a button, too. To use Touch Up:

  • Open Facetune.
  • Tap Touch Up > Auto for the app to touch up your look automatically.
  • If you want more control, simply specify glow, eyes, eye bags, forehead, nose, eyebrows, cheeks, lips, or jaw to touch up your look.
automatic touch up one button face app facetune

The Bottom Line For Face Editor Apps

Face editor apps help you look your best when you’re in the mood for some selfies. Don’t sweat getting your makeup or hair looking just so. Feel confident and have fun in front of the camera with these five quick tools from Facetune.

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