Sparkle and Shimmer: 5 Things to Know for Your Next Glitter Photoshoot

Get ready to sparkle! From loose glitter to body paint, learn how to create unique glitter photoshoots that catch the light and make you shine. Tips on how to work with glitter, lighting, and more.

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A person's face with glitter in all kinds of colors

Everyone loves them some glitter. Kids, seniors, you Insta beeches. Don't lie, you love it. You want everything to sparkle.

The classic glitter photoshoot method is to use the confetti-like loose stuff while taking photos, but you can also experiment with beauty and makeup and body paint. Or even take the easy way out and just use a filter.



Using traditional glitter usually proves to be a good time; photographers report that people get downright giddy over sprinkling a few sparkles. And because you can’t be exactly sure how the glitter will fly, it makes for unique shots every time!

You can score some glitter from local arts and crafts shops, office supply stores, and even department stores. Of course, as usual, Amazon's got your back, too.

When purchasing glitter, opt for medium-size pieces. Too small and it won't show up well on camera, and pieces that are too large could hide your cute face. Sparkly and metallic types work best at catching the light, producing that awesome shimmer effect.



In or Out?

Since you can never be sure about the weather, it's easiest to work with glitter indoors against a clean, non-distracting backdrop. Keep in mind that this sh*t will get everywhere, and you will find remnants of it for years to come. (So, before you scream at your bae, "Where did you get those sparkles on your face??" Relax. He picked it up on your couch, which was covered in it from that photoshoot with your best friend last year.)

If you do choose to go outside, be careful of the wind. You want to avoid getting glitter in your face, causing a squinty, cringing expression, and you want to try and make sure the glitter doesn't get blown out of the frame. All those glitter dreams, wasted.

If there's a light breeze, turn your back to the wind to prevent this. If it's gusty, find a wall or overhang to protect you while posing (or just go inside, sis). For the record, walls are a great backdrop for any type of posing.

Try to shoot on the pavement rather than grass for easy sweep-up, and if cleaning is not your thing, look for the biodegradable types of glitter. They are better for the environment and you won't have to worry about some duck choking on a piece just so your photoshoot can go viral.

Pro tip: Do your glitter shots at the end of the shoot so you don’t have to worry about glitter getting stuck in your hair and clothes. And be prepared to find those pieces at the most awkward times.

Blow It or Throw It?

Really, the glitter thing isn’t all that complicated. You either blow it or throw it. If you go for the blow, be sure to do it gently. GENTLY. If you blow too hard, you'll look like a pufferfish and risk having it come back in your face. The classic pose here is to put some glitter in your hand and blow it outward. Again, gentle.

If you opt to throw it, you have some time in the few seconds just before the glitter lands to strike a pose. Or you can jump, attempt to run through the glitter, or hold your hands out like you are catching fallen snow.

If a photographer or helper throws it instead, you will have more freedom of movement and time to get your poses just right. They can position themselves anywhere, really, sprinkling the sparkles from above, or even blowing it downward for a different shape. Consider experimenting with a fan for a consistent, controlled stream with a wider spread of glitter.

Camera Stuff

To catch the fine details of your glitter in motion, the number one tip is to use a fast shutter speed. Slow shutter speeds will look blurry and leave trails, looking less defined. While most DSLR cameras have this, don’t worry, you can get it on most smartphones by going into your pro settings and manual adjustments.

In addition, use a burst or continuous shooting mode. This will take quick, consecutive shots, allowing you to catch the smallest moments in time without too much struggle.


Lighting is always a key piece in any photo you take — it will literally make or break you. When you use fast shutter speeds, less light is able to enter the camera sensor, so consider using additional lighting equipment, like external flashes and diffusers.

If new equipment isn't in the budget, though, an overcast light outdoors is always a solid go-to. Just remember that wind!



Get Creative

When the standard glitter shots don't inspire you, you can always get creative with glitter as body paint or makeup. In this case, you may benefit from hiring a professional makeup artist to help you look awesome on camera.

When it comes to where to paint it on, you can get really unique here. It doesn’t just have to be on the eyelids. Instead, try across the bridge of your nose, on your shoulders, or even your tongue? Sprinkle it into your curtain bangs, decorate the hands and fingers, or create glitter tears for an artsy and interesting vibe.  

Try different colors: Pink has a warm and girly feel, while silver lends something more classic and edgy. A black and white picture using the silvery stuff has a tough, sad feeling. It appears almost like water, but extra.



Finally, multi-colored glitter gives a party feel, and don't forget all the fun glitter shapes! From stars to hearts ... to boy parts 🙈! Glitter photoshoots are a great excuse to go wild.

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