Graduation and prom hairstyles 2024: Trendy looks to try in Facetune

Elevate your prom or graduation look with 2024's most stunning hairstyles. Get ready to make an unforgettable entrance!

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Prom hairstyle 2024: Facetune edits elevate.
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Prom and graduation are two of the most memorable moments in a high schooler's life. As you pick out the perfect dress or suit, don't forget about your hairstyle! Your hair sets the tone for your whole look. We've rounded up the hottest prom hairstyles and graduation hairdos for 2024, plus tips on how to test out the styles in the Facetune app before the big day.

Prom hairstyles for long hair

Long-haired ladies, you've got plenty of options for prom:

  • Brushed-out curls: Tightly curled locks brushed into fluffy waves create gorgeous volume and texture.
  • Curled ends: No need to curl your whole mane - just focus on adding spirals to the ends for an effortless vibe.
  • Framing pieces: Face-framing pieces around your chin add softness and highlight your features.
  • Wet waves: The "wet hair" look featuring slicked-back roots and glossy waves is a fresh, edgy take on glam.
  • Pigtails: Youthful double plaits can look prom-appropriate when paired with wavy texture.
Prom hairstyles for long hair

Medium length prom hair ideas

Mid-length hair hits the sweet spot for styling versatility:

  • Bouncy curls: romantic, shoulder-grazing curls with tons of body scream Hollywood glam.
  • Feathered bob: A throwback '70s feathered bob with a slight curl away from the face is the ultimate cool-girl look.
  • Shaggy cut: A cool shag cut with a middle part and loose waves is effortlessly chic.
  • Flicked bob: Give a shoulder-length bob a '60s flair by curling the ends out with a flat iron.
Medium prom hairstyle with Facetune

Short hair prom styles

Don't think short hair limits your prom style choices:

  • Mullets & wolf cuts: Two of the trendiest cuts - the mullet and wolf cut - add instant rocker vibes.
  • Blunt bangs: Baby bangs or a curtain fringe add a graphic element to your look.
  • Slicked-back: Comb gel through hair and slick it back for a wet look.
  • Finger waves: For a 1920s prom theme, sculpt hair into sleek, S-shaped waves with gel.
  • Tousled shag: An edgy shag cut can be styled into piece-y, textured perfection.
Short prom hairstyle: Enhanced with Facetune

Braided hairstyles for prom

Braids are an easy way to add a special touch to your look:

  • Braided pigtails: Chunky plaits give classic pigtails a funky twist, especially when combined with textured waves.
  • Braided crown: A crown braid wrapping around the head creates a fairytale effect, even more so with added embellishments.
  • Braided headband: Weave a braid across your hairline as a unique accessory.
  • Side braid: One braid swept to the side is an effortless accent to long, flowy waves.
Braided prom hairstyle: Perfected with Facetune

50s prom hairstyles

For a retro '50s look, try these vintage-inspired 'dos:

  • Pin curls: Set hair in tight pin curls then brush out for sculpted waves.
  • Poodle cut: This short, curly style pairs perfectly with a swing dress.
  • Soft waves: Marilyn Monroe-esque waves are a '50s signature - just add a red lip!
Facetune enhances 50s prom hairstyles

70's prom hairstyles

Channel the disco decade with these groovy hairstyles:

  • Feathered shag: Full, fluffy layers and curtain bangs give major Farrah Fawcett vibes.
  • Crimped waves: For a more bohemian look, add some crimped texture to long, natural waves.
  • Half-up bouffant: Tease the crown and pull the top half up for a glam '70s effect.
70s prom hairstyles transformed with Facetune

80's hairstyles for prom

Go all out with over-the-top '80s hairdos:

  • Side ponytail: Sweep hair into a high side ponytail and secure with a scrunchie.
  • Big curls: Use a curling iron or hot rollers to create massive spirals with major volume at the roots.
  • Voluminous half-updo: Tease hair at the crown and pin back the top section for a glam '80s vibe.
Prom hairstyles from the 80s, perfected by Facetune

Best graduation hairstyles

For graduation, you'll want a style that looks great with your cap and gown. Here are some ideas:

Graduation hairstyles for long hair

  • Loose waves: Let long, soft waves cascade out from under your cap for an effortless look.
  • Old Hollywood waves: Channel vintage glamor with sculpted, glossy waves that peek out from your cap.
  • Super blunt cut: Make a statement with a sleek, one-length cut that grazes your shoulders.
  • Pigtails: Double braids or ponytails add a playful touch to your graduation look.
Graduation hairstyles for long hair

Cap and gown hairstyles

  • Bouncy curls: Defined, spiraled curls add volume and movement to your graduation style.
  • Ultra sleek blowout: Pin-straight, glossy hair tucked behind the ears is polished and chic.
  • Bob hairstyle: A chin-length bob is a modern, effortless style that works well with a cap.
  • Low ponytail: Gather hair at the nape of the neck for a simple yet elegant look.
Cap and gown hairstyles revamped

Curly hair graduation cap styles

  • Defined curls: Use a curl cream to enhance your natural curls and let them flow free.
  • Curly half-updo: Let curly ends drape while pinning the top back to secure your cap.
  • Braided crown: Pull curls into a chunky crown braid that peeks out under your cap.
Black hair prom hairstyles

Cute graduation hairstyles

  • Straight half-up: Pin the top back with a small claw clip for a cute '90s vibe.
  • Double braids: Try two French or Dutch braids for a sweet, studious look.
  • Mini twists: Two-strand twists give natural hair a cap-friendly protective style.
  • Glam waves: Old Hollywood waves are timelessly elegant with a cap and gown.
Revamp with a cute graduation hairstyle

Test drive prom & graduation hairstyles using Facetune

The Facetune app lets you experiment with all the hottest hair trends and colors in seconds - no dye or scissors required! Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Open the Facetune app and upload a selfie or portrait.
  2. Tap on the Hairstyles category at the bottom of the screen. You'll see a variety of hairstyle options, including:

Natural, Sunkissed, Curly, Springy, Blowout, Silky, Glossy, Highlight, and Layered.

  1. Want an even more customized look? Tap "Enter prompt" and type in your own hairstyle idea, like "70's feathered layers" or "slicked-back ponytail." The app will generate the look instantly.
  2. To try out a new cut, tap the Haircuts category. Choose from options like:

Curtain Bangs, Side Swept Bangs, Bob Cut, Wavy Bob, Smooth Bob, or Layered Cut.

  1. Experiment with hair color in the Color category. You can choose from preset shades like:

Blonde, Auburn, Strawberry, Brown, Copper, Platinum, or Vibrant Colors like Blue or Pink or your own custom prompt.

  1. To fully customize your shade, tap "Paint" and use the color wheel to pick your perfect hue, add highlights, or experiment with ombre effects.
  2. Once you've found your favorite look, save the image to your camera roll.
Try different hairstyles with Facetune's hairstyle simulator

Prom hair ideas to try in Facetune

The options are endless, but here are some prom hairstyle ideas to test out with the hairstyle simulator:

  • Snap a selfie wearing your prom dress, then try out different hairstyles to see what matches best. A sleek updo might pair perfectly with a strapless gown, while beachy waves could complement a flowy, bohemian dress.
  • Can't decide between an updo or wearing hair down? Try both looks on virtually so you can compare side-by-side.
  • Do a virtual hair color change to see if those caramel highlights you've been considering are prom-perfect.
Explore prom hair ideas with Facetune

Graduation cap hairstyle ideas to test in Facetune

Make sure your graduation cap and hairstyle are a match made in heaven:

  • Take a photo wearing your cap and gown, then use Facetune to see which hairstyles work best. You might find a high bun or ponytail makes your cap appear to slip off, while a half-up look keeps everything in place.
  • Braids are a great cap-friendly style - try out a crown braid or double French braids to see how they frame your face under a mortarboard.
  • Tuck and pin your hair under your cap in different ways to find a style you love. Side-parted? Middle-parted? Slicked back? The options are endless.

If you're considering a cut or color before the big day, try it out virtually first to make sure it flatters your cap and gown look.

Other Facetune hairstyle hacks

Beyond prom and graduation, there are so many ways to use Facetune to experiment with your hair:

  • Test out a dramatic hair change, like going super short or dying it a wild color. It's a risk-free way to see if you're ready for a big chop or complete color change!
  • Create reference photos to bring to your hairstylist. Snap screenshots of your favorite Facetune looks to give your stylist a clear visual of your hair goals.
  • Try out different hairstyles for other special events, like weddings, formals, or birthday parties. You can make sure you nail your 'do before the big event.
Try out different hairstyles for other special events

Ready, set, style!

Prom and graduation are all about celebrating your personal style, so have fun experimenting with different hairstyles, accessories, and colors. Facetune makes it easy to test drive the latest hair trends before making a commitment. So go ahead and play - you might just discover a whole new look you love! Remember, the most important thing is to choose a hairstyle that makes you feel confident, beautiful, and ready to take on the world.

Class of 2024, this is your time to shine. Congratulations!

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