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Adding eyeliner with Facetune

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Your eyes are easily some of your best features. So, it's great to draw attention to them, especially in photos. And it's super easy for you to make them stand out as the center of attention. There are loads of makeup tips and tricks using eyeliner and eyeshadow to complement the color and shape of your eyes.

But one of the easiest ways to make your eyes stand out in pictures is to give them a quick touch-up with Facetune. Using Facetune, you can add all sorts of makeup, including eyeshadow and eyeliner, to make your eyes pop and nail alllll the half-faced selfies.

It's easy and straightforward, and with a few basic eye photography tips you can make your eyes look amazing. So, if you haven't got the hang of the cat eye just yet, give it go digitally first. You can work out which looks suit you without applying and then reapplying a ton of actual eyeliner.

Step 1: Pick your favorite selfie or take a new one using Facetune. With the picture open in the app, pinch your fingers together to zoom in on your eyes. The closer in you are, the more detailed you can be with your liner.

Step 2: Scroll along the bottom bar until you find the Paint function.

Step 3: Here, use the color selecting bar on the right side to choose which color eyeliner you want. Then, gently brush one finger over the area you want to color. A dark color can make for a great classic look, but you can also use bright colors for a fresh, fun style.

Step 4: If you are already wearing eyeliner and just want to touch it up, use the Picker tool to match the shade.

Don't forget to tap the checkmark and save your work!

A close-up of eyes without eyeliner.
A close-up of eyes with eyeliner.

Remember that the more closely you can zoom in and the lighter you can be with your fingers, the more control you'll have over where your new eyeliner will be. Because some of the smoothing and lighting functions can blur imperfections and add different shadows, it's best to add your eyeliner before you edit the rest of your face.

And if you want to pack an extra punch, check out our guide for making your eyes extra bright so they become the center of attention in any photo.

Generate AI Images with your own selfies

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