How to Contour With Facetune

Learn the history of contouring and how to digitally contour your photos with Facetune. Enhance your facial features without makeup in just 2 minutes!

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Step-by-step guide to contouring

When we think about contouring, we all think of Kim K. Back in the early 2000s, it seemed like Kim invented contouring. The clearly defined cheekbones using a cheap bronzer, the under-eye concealer that was four shades too light... what a time it was.

Thanks to the influence of Kim K, a thousand contour palettes were created, and now we can't leave the house without at least a dusting of highlighter and a touch of shadowing.

But did you know contouring wasn't actually invented by Kim K, the queen of contour? Sorry, Kim, but nope. It actually gained popularity back in the 1920s when Hollywood was first kicking off. All the golden-age movie stars contoured their faces so they would look good on camera. Back then, studio lighting was not great, and the camera quality was even worse.

Contouring later became huge in the drag scene. For years, the only place you could find contouring (besides on a Hollywood soundstage) was on drag queens.

Then Kim and her sisters came along and changed the game.

Nowadays, contouring is everywhere. And you don't need to be Kim K, a drag queen, or a 1920s movie star to benefit from contouring.

Subtle contouring can really change your face by highlighting certain facial features and bringing definition to others.

And now, contouring has been taken to a whole new level: digital contouring.

If you don't know how to contour, don't have 16 different palettes, or just don't want to wear makeup, we've got the perfect solution. Using Facetune, you can take 2 minutes and add some contour to a photo you've already taken. A few minor touch-ups to relight and reshape your face can completely change a picture.

Here's how to do it.

Contour before Facetune:

Face before contouring

Contour after Facetune:

Face after contouring

Step 1 – Open the photo you want to edit in Facetune.

Step 2 – If you want to make slight edits to your face to add definition your cheekbones and jawline, you can use the Face function on the bottom menu bar. Here, you can use the slider bar to adjust your jawline.

Step 3 – Then, head back to the main menu and select the Reshape option. Using gentle finger brushes, use the Refine and Reshape tools to gently smooth out your cheekbones and give yourself a naturally defined line. Use the Compare function in the bottom right corner to see the original photo and make sure your edits still look natural.

Step 4 – Head back to the main menu and select the Paint function. Using the Skin tool, select a color from the color menu that would be your natural contour shade. If you're unsure of which color to pick, try out a few and use the undo button until you get the color just right.

Step 5 – Use your fingers to zoom in on your face and use light finger touches to gently brush the darker color where you would place your makeup contour. The darker color will act as a shadow and create definition. You can use the slider bar to dilute the color or make it more intense.

Almost like magic, this contouring won't fade, wash off or turn orange! Plus, if you want to change, edit, or add to it, you can! Be the talk of social media as you wow others with your contouring skills.

Emily Derrick

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