How To Get An Amazing Pout For A Selfie

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Never underestimate the power of a luscious pout. Just look at Kylie Jenner, a lip-kit queen who has taken pouting from duck face to a multi-billion-dollar business. And she looks so good doing it!

While we can't promise you'll ultimately launch a successful beauty products empire, we can say that if you follow our advice, your lips will look alluring — and not like the old duck faces of the early 2000s. *cringe*

Don't Over Pout

Looking good doesn't have to take so much effort, you know?

While we get that you want to look cute and kissable and have your crush fall at your feet, you really don't need to try so hard. In fact, you shouldn't try so hard. When you put a little too much effort into your pout, you end up with fine lines all around your lips. Suddenly, your pout goes from borderline cute to looking like that time your grandma tried to kiss you at Christmas.

Take it easy. A gentle pout is better than a full-on one.

Lip Balm Is Your Bestie

There is nothing, I repeat NOTHING, that ruins a pouty selfie more than dry, cracked lips.

Your lips should look luscious and even juicy. Not like you've just walked across the Sahara Desert.

To avoid dry lips, try a homemade sugar scrub of olive oil and sugar. Rub the mixture over your lips to exfoliate and then finish off with a generous coating of lip balm. When the lip balm has gone, apply some more.

Well-moisturized lips are the key to a kissable pout. Top it off with a little bit of gloss for the photo and you’ll be the talk of the town.

Prune (Yes, The Fruit!)

No, you don't have to eat any. Instead, saying the word "prune" before taking a picture makes your mouth into a sweet, subtle pout.


Well, the ending of the word leaves your lips in a naturally plump yet relaxed shape. Ideal.

Also, you might look a bit weird saying "prune" over and over again, so perhaps just whisper it to give you an easy pout without looking like you're trying too hard. Or at least, that’s what bikini models do to get that “who me? I always look like this” kind of pout.

Get The Angle

As with all good selfies, the angle is key. Have your phone too low and your pout may look great, but everyone will be looking up your flared nostrils. Have your phone too high, and your lips will shrink into oblivion. You only need a small angle, or you'll create some genuinely terrifying shadows and at least five additional chins. Eek!


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And finally...

Confidence Is Key

A half-hearted pout is not going to get your crush's attention. If you're going to pout, you gotta put some effort into it (not too much or you'll get the lines!). It's all about the attitude and the eyes. Put on some music and know that you look great.

To boost your confidence, why not bite your lip or half-smile? Make sure you've got good eye contact, too. A good pout needs a little bit of something mysterious. For eye contact, try looking at the camera itself and not at your own reflection.

And if you need some minor tweaking, you can edit the smile in your picture quite easily within Facetune.

And there you have it. Are you ready to nail your pout for your next selfie sesh?

Generate AI Images with your own selfies

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