Hair & Highlights: How to Get Your Hair Ready for Selfies

Get selfie-ready hair with these tips! From well-placed highlights to rooting for exposed roots, this guide has you covered. Create shape with long layers, add va-va-volume, and try a playful updo.

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A good hair day is a day when we've got our sh*t together, and we take a ton of selfies (after doing our selfie makeup, of course). But hairstyles can be fickle beasts. To ensure we keep our tresses tame, here's a list of hair how-tos that will keep you looking sexy and selfie-ready.

Highlights Heaven

Well-placed highlights will bring out your hair's natural texture and dimension in photos. With the right hue, you can add warmth, brightness, and a youthful glow.

Face-framing highlights can add some drama, and hidden pops of color bring an element of surprise to boring photos.



For a shade of hair color that suits you, here's a quick breakdown:

  • Blondes: Blond hair naturally has highlights, so to prevent your mane from appearing fake and flat, be sure to add some!  Platinum blond looks best on cool skin tones, while a golden blond hue works well with warm complexions.
  • Brunettes: Brown hair can appear duller and less glossy than blond hair. Avoid the plain schoolmarm look with hues like caramel, walnut, toffee, or bronze.
  • Dark: Choosing highlights for dark hair can be a bit tricky. Consider adding some red-toned highlights that will add vibrancy and shine.
  • Colors: Sometimes you simply crave that wow factor. Rainbow-effect colors have become all the rage, and could be just the thing you need. Pastels work best for blondes, while those with darker hair can enjoy fun, vibrant hues like electric blue and magenta.



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Longer Layers

Now that you’ve got your color game on, you certainly don’t want to hide it. So, let your hair down, girl! Create shape and structure with long layers that also have grow-out potential.

Face-framing layers will soften your features and showcase your mug. Rather than a diagonal cut, go for long choppy pieces that have a relaxed sway.

Va-Va Volume

Let’s face it, volume never goes out of style. If you are one of the lucky few with a natural curl or wave? Show. It. Off. Natural is in, and the Facetune app can help you to zero in on every last detail.

Even if you aren't so lucky in the texture department, you can still ride the wave trend.

Beachy waves are out, but the crimp is back. To get the look: Hold your flat iron horizontally, clamping a section of dry hair just below the ear. Slightly bend the iron toward your neck, and alternate the direction you bend as you make your way down the strand. Then use a wide-tooth comb to loosen the waves. For a modern take, the key is to not crimp every section of hair, but choose random pieces throughout.


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Rooting For You

If quarantine taught us anything it’s that some exposed roots can actually look pretty hot. It's the epitome of edgy — plus, it's low-maintenance.

To confidently own this look in an intentional way, show it off with a deep side part.



Chop, Chop

Unfortunately, this last year involved few haircuts, and the haircuts that did happen were, well, bad. This may explain why blunt, precise cuts are making a comeback. If long and flowy isn't your style, an edgy, polished chop could be just the thing to keep you on-trend.

And don’t forget about those bangs. For low-maintenance, stylish ease, opt for short hair with long swaying bangs that just graze the eyelashes.



Just Do the Updo

There’s nothing wrong with throwing your hair up every now and again. Sometimes our Insta feeds could use a little variety. For a playful look, try out a high ponytail that will show off your glow-up gains.



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Simply gather your hair to the highest point on your head, then smooth and straighten the rest with a flat iron. And that's it! A classic hairstyle that makes you look put-together. And, if you don't love your final photo, you can always use some of our hair color app features to give you your perfect hair selfie color.

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