How To Take Selfies When You’re Over 40

Learn how to take great selfies even if you're over 40. Discover tips on holding your camera above eye level, using natural lighting, tastefully retouching, and squinching to achieve flattering angles. With these tips, you'll be able to show off your best self on Instagram!

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Teens and 20-somethings get all the attention when we talk about selfies. But if we’re being honest, 40 is the new 25, and as someone who's over 40, you’ve got a lot to show your Insta-followers.

Who said there’s an age limit for selfies, anyway? If you want to show off your latest look in the best light, follow these quick tips on how to take good selfie for anyone age 40 and over.

1 - Hold your camera above eye level

Honestly? This is a rule that everyone on earth should follow. When you snap a selfie below eye level, it can make for an unflattering angle. No thanks!

Holding your camera at eye level automatically makes you look better. You don’t have to get too crazy with this, either. Put away the selfie sticks; just hold your camera up slightly higher than usual. To get the right angle, put your phone in selfie mode, find your eye level, and move your arm up an inch or two. You got it!

2 - Good lighting ain’t a compromise

Harsh LEDs or fluorescent lights don’t do anyone any favors. Natural light is your best friend. Try going outside during sunset (aka Golden Hour) to snap warm, glowing selfies that look like you hired a pro photographer.

Trapped inside? We feel you. If an outdoor selfie isn’t in the cards (or you just don’t feel like getting out of bed), get yourself a ring light. They hook up to your phone and immediately give you luxurious, studio-level lighting without the fuss. You can thank us later.

3 - Tastefully retouch

Want to de-emphasize certain features or smooth over a few lines? Want to smooth over some skin? We’ve got your back (and your face!). Instead of caking on foundation, try Facetune.

Our Smoothing feature is helpful for minimizing those few lines while showcasing your va-va-voom natural looks:

  • Open Facetune.
  • Go to Smooth.
  • Select the smoothing tool and go over any areas that you would like to blend.
  • If you’d like to amp up the smoothness, try the Smoother tool.

It’s great for improving your selfie with just a swipe of your finger, helping you enjoy your hot look without the worries.

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4 - Squinch yourself!

Have you heard of "squinching?" The term "squinch" was first coined by Peter Hurley, and it means to squint your eyes (just a little bit) by bringing your lower lids closer to your pupil.

This is way more flattering than "smizing," where you try to "smile with your eyes." Sorry, Tyra.

Though, you can always edit your smile in a picture with just a few quick taps.

The bottom line for selfies over 40

Hey, those of us over 40 might not be able to pull off duck lips, but we can churn out cute selfies that show off our best selves. Follow these tips to keep your selfie game strong, no matter your age.

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