3 Tips To Take Amazing Selfies Of Your Growing Pregnancy Bump

3 girls taking pregnancy selfies


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Pregnancy is a special time filled with excitement about your new addition. And guess what? It’s also the perfect time to load up on all the selfies.

Even non-selfie people are hopping on this trend, sharing #bump photos like crazy. Whether you’re ecstatic to be pregnant or hating the morning sickness right now, you can document this special time with these tips on how to take a good selfie while pregnant.

1 - Strike the right pose

Pregnancy selfies are all about the bump, so standing sideways is a must to show off your belly. You can also try facing the camera and cradling your bump for a sweet selfie. If you’re in your third trimester, you can sit cross-legged on the bed (if you can manage it) and cradle your bump for a super cute pic.

2 - Track your progress

Weekly and monthly bump photos are par for the course for pregnancy selfies. If you’re doing #bumpies, try to wear the same outfit and stand in the same place for each selfie. This keeps the focus on how much your belly is growing and not on your changing clothes or background.

If you notice your skin is changing with your pregnancy, that’s pretty common. But many parents-to-be aren’t fans of oily skin and breakouts. Use Facetune to minimize any distractions and keep the focus on your little one:

  • Go to Facetune > Smooth.
  • If you’re worried about extra shine, use the Matte tool.
  • The Glow tool is great for adding a dewy shine.
pregnancy selfie before and after editing skin glow baby bump

3 - Pose with your pets

The internet loves nothing more than babies and pets. Why not combine the two in one photo? Your fur babies were your first babies, after all. Get your cat or dog to pose with your growing bump to amp up the cute factor even more.

The bottom line for pregnancy selfies

You might not always feel your best when you’re pregnant, and it’s easy to skip progress photos. Believe it or not, in a few years you’ll look back on your pregnancy with some fondness. Document this sweet pre-baby time by following these easy tips to take a great selfie.


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