4 Tips on How To Take A Good 'Selfie' Self-Portrait

Learn how to take bomb selfie portraits with these 4 hacks. Invest in good equipment, test your angles, use the rule of thirds, and create a mood with Facetune. Master the art of the selfie portrait!

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Selfies are known for being a pretty casual art form. There’s nothing wrong with snapping an I-woke-up-like-this selfie to share on Instagram, but what if you want to take things to the next level?

A selfie portrait is a slightly more formal version of your traditional selfie. While most selfies are taken on a whim, when you catch yourself looking fierce, a selfie portrait tends to be more staged and planned. If you’re going for a more pro look, follow these four hacks to take a bomb selfie portrait.

1 - Invest in good equipment

Portrait selfies are different from other selfies largely because they’re hands-free. That means you need the right equipment to take a good selfie (rather than stretching out your arm in front of your face while holding a phone).

At a minimum, we recommend a tripod and a remote. The tripod will let you set up just about anywhere without straining your arm or dropping your phone (yikes).

A remote is a must because it eliminates the need to rush into the right position before a timer goes off. Don’t spend those 10 seconds frantically trying to remember your pose; a remote helps you snap a good selfie at the right moment.

2 - Test your angles

You know you need to capture your good side and hold your camera up slightly to prevent the dreaded #DoubleChin. Check and check.

The cool thing about portrait selfies is that you have more flexibility to try new angles. That might be snapping a selfie in your car's side mirror, shooting your selfie through a hole in a fence, photographing just half of your face — you get the idea.

Not a fan of how the camera captured your look? Instead of setting up your entire shoot all over again, fix it with a tap in Facetune.

Here's how:

  • Go to Facetune > Face.
  • From here, you can emphasize or minimize certain features with a slider.
  • Did your angle look great for the most part, except that it made your lips look too small? Fix it with a tap.
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Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/u3WmDyKGsrY [/caption]

3 - Use the rule of thirds

Have you heard of the rule of thirds? It’s a trick pro photographers use to take awesome photos. It’s the idea that the human eye is drawn to specific proportions in images. Translation: This trick can help you get more likes.

Open your camera and turn on its grid. This will create two horizontal and two vertical lines on your smartphone camera. Line up the main elements of your portrait at any point where the lines intersect. That’s going to give you a naturally appealing image that makes people tap the like button.

4 - Create a mood

Selfies aren't just about modeling your latest look. They're a big part of your aesthetic. If you like rocking a particular mood on your feed, editing tools are key. Sure, your pose, makeup, and location will do a lot of the heavy lifting for you, but Facetune is a must-have for amping up your selfie game:

  • Go to Facetune > Filters.
  • Change the mood of your portrait instantly with just a tap. Whether you’re looking for light and airy or dim and retro, the right filter makes it happen.
selfie portrait change mood and lighting woman

The bottom line for selfie portraits:

Selfie portraits aren’t as spontaneous as your run-of-the-mill selfie, but they’re extra engaging for your followers. If you’re looking for an artsy new profile pic or frame-worthy photo, master how to take good selfies with tools like Facetune.

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