How To Use A Selfie Stick Without Looking Ridiculous

Master the art of capturing stunning selfies with your trusty selfie stick. This guide reveals expert tips and tricks to avoid looking goofy and elevate your selfie game, no matter the location or occasion.

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We’ve all seen it: Awkward tourists trying to get their perfect selfie, stopping in the middle of large crowds with a selfie stick and drawing people’s attention in the most unfortunate of ways.

You don’t want this to be you, right? Sure, you want to get the ultimate shot, but you’d rather not make a fool of yourself while doing it. I hear you loud and clear, and that’s why today we’re chatting about how to use a selfie stick without looking ridiculous.

Because, while it might seem impossible, snapping a pic with a selfie stick can be done without looking silly. And so, let’s start off with the most obvious tip…

  1. Consider the crowd

For some, looking ridiculous with a selfie stick is not a concern. For others, they need to start reading the room before they pull out their selfie stick.

This might mean, on occasion, you don’t get that photo, but if you care a little bit about not looking ridiculous, you don’t want to use your selfie stick in super crowded environments. You’ll get in the way, draw attention, and, well, just cause frustration.

To combat this, find less densely populated areas, wait for crowds to disperse, or, at the very least, look for low foot traffic areas so people don’t have to move around you as you stand and take your picture because that’s just annoying and awkward.

It’s actually not that difficult to find a location that’s a bit more private.

2. Consider the environment

Have you ever seen someone using a selfie stick in the most inappropriate environment?

Like a memorial? Or while someone is giving a speech? Or maybe near a sign that says explicitly not to take pictures…

Don’t be this person, okay?

3. Consider the time

Another question for you: Have you ever seen someone standing with a selfie stick taking multiple shots in the same location for like...ever? Of course, with every good selfie you need to try a few poses to get the right angle, but I mean standing for multiple minutes posing.

Let’s avoid this scenario. Consider the shot before you whip out the selfie stick. For example, if you’re trying to take a selfie and it’s clear the lighting won’t be good in that location, maybe that’s not the best place to use a selfie stick. Or, if it’s pretty clear that the spot you’re in is going to have multiple people in the background, again, probably not the best spot for a selfie.

If after a minute or two you just can’t seem to get a picture that you’re happy with, scrap the shot, and move on. Wasn’t meant to be. What will you do with a hundred crappy pictures of you in the same spot, posing in a way that’s clearly not flattering?

4. Consider the situation

There are two things that are almost always true when using a selfie stick: 1) Your full undivided attention is likely focused on getting your picture, and 2) There’s a good chance you’re at a popular tourist destination or in a crowded environment.

Where am I going with this?

Using a selfie stick sets you up perfectly to be robbed. Take precautions, know where your valuables are (a backpack on the ground probably isn’t the right move), and don’t let your guard down, especially in high-volume tourist destinations.

Woman sitting on bridge over the river Seine with the Eiffel tower in the background taking a selfie (France, Paris, Woman sitting on bridge over the river Seine with the Eiffel tower in the background taking a selfie

5. Consider the payoff

And last, but not least, before you pull out your selfie stick, ask yourself this very simple question: Is this selfie worth it?

For some, taking pictures is always the way to go, but honestly, when you’re spending your day taking pictures, it’s very hard to be present and actually enjoy the moment.

Sure, a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower is absolutely necessary, but don’t fall victim to obsessing over getting pictures at the expense of taking in the beautiful scenery. Whip out the selfie stick when the situation calls for it. Easy.

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