Yes, You Can Use TikTok As A Dating App

It's the world's worst-kept secret: TikTok can be used as a dating app! Here are 5 tips on how to easily use TikTok as a dating app.

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Yeah, you’ve tried all of the classic dating apps, swiped through thousands of potential soulmates and dating profile pics, and read every dating photography guide. But what if you’re still looking for love?

The good news is that, in this day and age, pretty much any social app can become a dating app, including TikTok.

If you’re an avid TikTokker, and you're still single, you don’t have to spend your time on yet another dating app to find love (or someone for Netflix-and-chill).

TikTok, it's romance o'clock

TikTok has been in the headlines for data privacy issues. There’s even been talk about banning it in the U.S.

But even so, it’s the fastest-growing video app in the world, with tons of new TikTok celebrities making serious money. And yup: People are using it to find love.

Users are finding a special someone with TikTok’s brief video clips, as strange as that might sound.

Just search "date me" on TikTok and you’ll find tons of hashtags from lovelorn TikTokkers. YouTuber James Charles even started a "TikTok Bachelor" trend.

TikTok is designed for videos and sharing, so this is definitely a different way to score some dates. What’s cool about TikTok, though, is that the video format allows you to show off a side of your personality that you just can’t show in a typical dating app.

Curious how it works?

Follow these 5 tips to make the most of dating on TikTok.

1) Build a makeshift dating profile

What does your TikTok bio say right now? Remove the generic stuff and make it interesting. After all, potential dates should get a feel for your personality when they read this bio.

Be sure to regularly put out content that talks about who you are. Film yourself dancing to the latest TikTok craze and add text about your job, hobbies, or anything else potential dates would want to see.

2) Don’t be a creep

Yes, you can use TikTok for dating. Does that mean everyone wants your unsolicited messages?

Hell no.

Don’t message someone the moment you start following each other like a psycho. That comes off as spammy, desperate, and a little serial killer-y.

Interact with someone’s videos first. Like, comment, and ask questions to start a conversation. A subtle flirty comment or two can’t hurt, either (but keep it PG).

3) Be yourself

Well, this is typical dating advice, but it’s still true on TikTok. Share your quirks and the odd, endearing things that make you unique.

It’s okay to be awkward and weird. This is the internet! You’re guaranteed to find your specific brand of weirdo when you’re yourself.

Plus, TikTok’s algorithm will match you with "For You" suggestions based on your content. That makes it easier to find people who are compatible with you.

4) Use TikTok dating hashtags

Make sure other eligible singles can find your TikToks. Use TikTok’s dating hashtags to tell people you’re single and ready to mingle.

Here are five TikTok dating hashtags to get you started:

  • #Followme
  • #Dateme
  • #Love
  • #Someonedateme
  • #Relationshipgoals

5) Be interested in other people

So, let’s say you’ve interacted a bit with someone on TikTok. You’ve liked and commented on a few of their posts and now it’s time to send a DM.

Please, oh please, don’t make this DM all about you. They don’t care how allegedly smart, rich, and sensual you are. This DM should start a conversation, and that means it’s a two-way street.

Start off with a compliment. Saying "I love your videos! You seem so fun and approachable. How are you?" will get the conversation going.

You can take things further by asking them to do a collab or a duet.

But don’t jump right into exchanging phone numbers. Get to know them on TikTok first so you don’t come on too strong.

Slide into their DMs

Hey, dating is a mess. It’s hard finding The One, so don’t feel bad about searching on platforms you already love, like TikTok.

Feel free to do the latest dance craze on TikTok but remember — Mr. or Ms. Right could be watching! This is all about relationship-building. Start small and build from there; if it’s a good fit, you’ll have all the time in the world to hang out. And maybe, just maybe, you can make a toast at your wedding to the world's most famous and still kinda secret dating app: TikTok.

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