Low-Maintenance Hairstyle Trends

Low-maintenance hairstyle trends for summer.

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Whether you are working from home or finally back to putting on pants, there are going to be days when we wish we could go back to the slow pace of quarantine life, because sometimes a full blowout or lovely wand waves are just not in the cards, despite some really awesome hair color apps available.

So, here are some low-maintenance hairstyle trends that will keep you looking good ... without requiring a ton of time and hassle.

  • Messy Top Bun — Ah, the classic messy bun. A great updo for summer days when you want to look effortless, yet office-ready. Begin with a ponytail, then wrap hair around itself to create your bun. Fasten with hairpins or another hairband. Silky, smooth hair won’t work well here, so make sure your hair is a tad bit dirty — lazy day bonus!
  • Face-Framing Braids — Braids never seem to go out of style, but for a unique spin, section off and only braid the front portion of your hair. The benefit is that those delicate pieces around your face tend to be the most damaged, so this will be a cute way to disguise them.

P.S. Be sure to part down the middle, millennials, or Gen Z will come for you!

  • Shoulder-Cut Tousled Waves — The overstyled, flat iron look is a thing of the past. Luckily for us, tousled, understated waves are so in. To get the look, go for a fresh cut with lots of layers. If your hair is on the stick-straight side, go to bed with damp braids and wake up looking beachy keen. If you’re growing your hair out, waves can make for a smooth transition, or even help maintain a bob cut.
  • Bangs — So, you want bangs, do ya? Before you tread into these dangerous waters, remember that the arched bang is anything but low-maintenance. A better bet is the curtain bang, which is often part of celebrity Dakota Johnson’s trademark look. You can get away with leaving them a little longer between trims and still rock the oh-so-popular middle part.
  • Classic Sideswept Crop — Nothing says low-maintenance like this wash-and-go look. Here, the middle part standard is an exception, with a side-swept look that is polished yet easygoing.
  • Solid Color — Keeping up with a balayage look can be time-consuming and expensive. Rather than getting highlights, stylists have seen a trend of clients requesting single process treatments. With this approach, blondes should use a purple shampoo for color maintenance, with glosses in between. Short hair will look great in bold, solid colors.
Low maintenance solid color hair trend.
  • Texture — Sleek, rigid styles are out, and accentuating the natural texture of your hair is so, so in. Yaaasss queen. Depending on what you're working with, you can always get a bit more tousled and relaxed, or curly and coiled. To avoid flatness, those with curly hair should opt for rounded shapes with added layers. If your hair is thick and long, reduce density by avoiding cuts that are blunt and weighty. And for added support, stylists recommend using a curl shampoo and conditioner, topped off with your favorite curl-defining cream.

With these tips, and Facetune to edit flyaway hair, you can kiss bad hair days goodbye.

Generate AI Images with your own selfies

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