Selfie Hashtags For Likes

Learn how to up your selfie game with these hashtag tips! Get more likes by being creative, describing your photo, and using relevant hashtags.

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Let's talk about hashtags, shall we?

You want likes on your photos, you don't want to get buried in the IG feed, and tbh, it's pretty discouraging to post your best pics and have only your mom and your BFF like them.

While we could certainly just throw a list of best selfie hashtags at you and say go to town, we figured that probably wouldn't help you out too much considering using #selfie is what every Jenny on the block is doing (no offence, JLO).

Next time you're trying to add hashtags to your selfie, use some of these tips:

1) You're creative. Embrace it.

#selfie #cute #happy #instaaselfie

You've seen these hashtags time and time again, and while there's nothing necessarily wrong with them, we want to encourage you to pump a little creativity into your hashtags.

I mean, don't make up a hashtag that no one has ever used (that's a recipe for zero likes coming in), buttttttt taking the time to see if there are new hashtags trending is a good way to spice up your hashtags.

Keep it spicy, 'kay?

2) Not creative? We've got you

Let's be real, not all of us are creative geniuses.

If you're banging your head against a wall trying to think of selfie hashtags, simply see what hashtags other people are using.

Specifically look at influencers who have a similar following to you, or who share similar content to you. This will help ensure you're using relevant hashtags.

And hey, ain't no shame in a little investigative work.

3) Describe your selfie

Instagram likes when you use hashtags that are relevant to your photo.

So if you've got red lipstick on in your selfie, use #redlips.

If you just dyed your hair pink, try #pinkhair

Are you making a funny face, try #sillyfaceJust describe your selfie.

Piece of cake.

4) Let Instagram help you

If you're still at a loss for what hashtags to use on your selfie, start using some of Instagram's suggestions.


Simply type in the beginning of a hashtag and see what Instagram suggests.

This way you're not simply using #cute, which has been used 620+ MILLION times, but maybe you use #cutecut if you just got a hair cut (much better chance of getting your pic noticed because this is a less used hashtag).

Bottom line: the popular hashtags might be your first instinct, but oftentimes finding those hashtags that are popular but not oversaturated will serve 'ya much better.


Feeling inspired to step up your selfie hashtag game? You're welcome.

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