Shoe Selfie Hashtags

Get ready for some serious likes with these shoe selfie ideas! From designer brands to sneakers, use these top hashtags like #louboutin and #nike to boost your feed.

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Personally, we think your face deserves to be the star of your selfies, buttttttt, come on, let's be real, we're also not opposed to a little Louboutin action on your IG.

Taking a selfie with your shoes?

Yup, we're all for it, and so are all the other fashion enthusiasts out there.

Next time you're wracking your brain trying to think of some winning selfie ideas, we highly recommend testing out a fun shoe selfie.

Not only does it help switch things up on your feed, but also, with these shoe selfie hashtags, you won't be short on likes.

Win-win, right?

1) #louboutin #manoloblahnik #valentino #balenciaga #chanel #gucci

We already mentioned our good old friend the Louboutin, so why not invite the whole fam to the party?

If you have any of these brands taking up residence in your closet, first of all, lucky you. Second of all, hashtagging a designer brand is always a sure-fire way to get the likes rolling in.

2) #nike #adidas #converse #airjordans

Okay, so maybe you're a little less about the over-the-top, statement-making heels, and you more so gravitate towards a good pair of Air Jordans.

Oh yes, we hear you loud and clear, which is why we're happy to report using these brand names in your hashtags will be just as helpful.

3) #shoeselfie

Is #shoeselfie actually a thing?

You better believe it's a thing! Used over 800 THOUSAND times at the time of writing this, you can throw this easy-to-remember hashtag into the mix to get some serious likes.

4) #shoe #shoes #shoestagram #shoe #instashoes #heels #highheels #sneakers

Because when in doubt, simply refer above.

5) #shoelover #shoeaddict #shoeporn #highheellover

Honestly, who here doesn't love a good shoe?



We've got a feeling if you've made it this far in the article, you probably do, and these hashtags will make for the perfect addition to your shoe selfie.

6) #shoestyle #shoeoftheday #shoestyle

Andddddd, lastly, for the shoe-obsessed person who's all about fashion and style, these shoe selfie hashtags were made for you.

Be sure to check out more selfie hashtags here.

Facetune team
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