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Cool is one of those things that sounds super simple. You know the drill, put on shades, bad attitude, skinny or black everything, and you’re good to go.

While that might sound easy enough, cool is actually one of those things that can easily end up looking more than a little silly if you are too obviously trying to attain it.

Your cool selfie ideas need to respect this very fine line between authentic and forced. Of the 165 million cool posts on the Gram, I doubt even 10% achieve their hashtagged goal.

A key to coolness is the sense of effortlessness and spontaneity that needs to sing from that selfie. Perhaps, so much spontaneity that the selfie subject isn't even looking at the camera! (post have been removed)

Kylie never has to try that hard, but this is a cool selfie because it seems so natural. Just a casual, busy day, exiting her vehicle after running some errands, dressed to the nines and not even looking at the camera.

Life is tough sometimes. We weren’t all born Zendaya or Idris. For mere mortals, cool comes at a cost; just remember not to show anyone how much!

Another ingredient for cool selfie ideas is originality. Taking a picture of oneself that isn't generic, but shows that they are having fun: that's the sweet spot. This sunglasses at the beach selfie is what we are talking about:

Instead of the same beach selfie that every other IG user is posting, she has an original, cool take on it.

So, to conclude, the secret to being cool is either not caring, or being original, as long as it is captured on camera!

Generate AI Images with your own selfies

Create AI Avatars

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