The Ultimate Guide to Eye Makeup For Selfies

Discover how to create bold and beautiful eyes for your selfies with this guide to eye makeup. From perfecting your eyebrows to choosing the right eyeshadow and eyeliner, this article covers everything you need to know to make your eyes stand out in your photos.

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They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Um, we can’t give you a definitive answer on that, but we will say that your eyes can make or break your selfies!

It may be a sh*t hair day, annoying eye bags, or your skin might be breaking out, but standout eye makeup could take the attention off all of that. No one will care about those flyaways because they'll be mesmerized by your peepers.

From tweezing your brows to applying that last coat of mascara, here’s your guide to selfie makeup that will make your eyes look bold and beautiful.



Eyebrows are some of the most underrated facial qualities. A great brow will help frame the eyes and give you that doe-eyed look. And as one of the few features exposed while wearing a mask, eyebrows have become a major focal point this past year.

Full brows with a high arch have been on-trend for a while, and they don’t appear to be going anywhere soon. There are many variations on this look, like the Geolift which is full and fluffy in the front and tapered at the end. But it isn't all about the fluff.

Like the fashion world, we may see the skinny-brow throwback of the '90s on a daring few. Color is also moving up the eye, with fun hues and sparkles (gah) appearing in this unexpected place.


Yes, there are about a billion ways to do your brows. Seriously — a billion. Between the pencils, powders, and gels it can all get a little confusing. One wrong move and you’ll be on a selfie hiatus for a month. We've got your back, though. These tips and tricks will help you get your brows right each time:

Tweeze after a shower. Plucking will be easy and painless because follicles are more open from the warm water.

Avoid over-plucking! It’s so easy to do. A little pluck here, little pluck there ... and bam! You could easily be cast in some futuristic, alien movie. To avoid this, pluck far away from the brow line, and don't use a magnifying mirror that will deceive you into thinking you have more follicles than you actually do.


Don't allow the tail to droop, and make sure your arch is not too high. To get it right, place a brow pencil on your nostril, then line it up diagonally with the center of your eye — this is where your arch should be.

Fill in with a color that matches the natural color of your eyebrows. Use a light, flicking motion in the direction of your hair growth. Consider trying a stencil to stay inside the lines and a spoolie to buff out harsh edges.

Don't forget — you can always change the way your brows look in a photo by using Facetune.


Eyeshadow is a dynamic, fun way to change your look depending on your mood and the occasion. It can be great to accentuate your natural or changing eye color, but also a fun way to add a pop of color or look sultry on date night. Meow.


In general, some shades work best with certain eye colors (but these rules aren't hard and fast — don’t be afraid to experiment!):

Blue eyes — orange and brown tones

Brown eyes — purple and gray tones

Green/hazel eyes — pink or taupes

Gray eyes — silver or blue tones

To prep, you will need the right tools. For basic application, you will need a crease brush, angled brush, and basic brush.

Next up, pick your palette. Here you can get artsy, or stick with the basics. As a rule of thumb, go with a dark, light, and in-between color. In other words, a contour, highlight, and a mid-tone.

Before application, a secret that many skip is to apply a primer. This will allow your shadow to stick and last longer throughout the day. It will also hide spider veins and any discoloration. For this, you can use your everyday concealer. Then, apply a setting powder to lock it in and avoid smudges.

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Now you're ready to create your masterpiece! Use the standard brush to apply your mid-tone to the lid, just avoiding the crease. To add dimension, apply the dark color, with a windshield wiper motion into the crease using the crease brush (obvi).

To make your eye pop, apply the lighter color just below the brow, on the center bump of your eyelid, and in the corners of the eyes. You can use your finger to apply and use a blending brush for a natural or more defined look.


Eyeliner will give your eyes that little something extra. Go with a traditional look or get playful with colors and sparkles. While bright color may not be for everyone, consider a blue tone. An old set trick to make the eyes pop was to apply navy shades of liner.

If you don't want to go for the whole blue shebang, apply a bit of teal liner just over the center of the lash line. This will create some visual interest and draw more attention to the eye. Bonus: Blue eye makeup shades are sooo in this season!


Everyone has their liner style, but there is one great unifier: the winged look. It’s been around for ages and it's still going strong. This classic has hung on so long because it works with almost any eye shape, elongating and giving the illusion of a bigger eye.

Application of your eyeliner is another story, of course. To avoid looking like a goth queen in selfies, you may forego this step completely, but there are a few tricks to make it easier. Whether using a pencil, gel, or liquid liner, keep your elbow planted on a table and rest your pinky on your face. This will give you much-needed stability after one too many iced coffees.


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When using a liquid liner (the scariest of all liners), make dots or dashes just above the lash line, and then gently connect. For an easy winged look, consider using tape or a stamp so you can’t go wrong.


Mascara can give you a little (or a lot) of drama and bring out your natural beauty in pictures. For even the most granola girl, this is an easy, final touch that will make your eyes more noticeable.

With everything from volumizing to lengthening — and even some wild colors — there's a mascara option to suit every kind of look. Some mascaras come with a primer, which is just a first layer that can condition and nourish your lashes. This step will help prevent clumping and can even add a bit of length.

Primer or not, when you’re ready to apply, go from root to tip, wiggling the brush from side to side in little "Z" shapes. Ignore that text that just came in because you don’t want to let the mascara dry between coats! You could end up with the dreaded clumpy spider-leg look. Experts recommend two to three coats, and sometimes up to five for extra volume. Hell, we’ve heard of influencers doing 10 to 20 ... who are we to judge?

It's also a hot debate whether you want to do the bottom lashes or not. Some experts claim it will accentuate dark circles and fine lines, others argue it’s the perfect way to frame the eyes for that youthful, doll-like look.

Of course, you could always skip the mascara altogether and go for a set of false eyelashes. You’ll have the glue to contend with, but some brands nix it completely, with easy magnetic lashes and liner. For a sex-kitten or glamour-girl look, falsies may be your best option.


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