Must-See Skin Prep For Selfies

Want great skin like Jen Aniston? Start with the basics: wash off makeup, exfoliate, moisturize, and hydrate. Reduce swelling with a cooling mask and use foundation sparingly. Spot conceal and enhance your glow with natural oils and a translucent setting powder. #skincaretips #beautysecrets

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How does the old saying go? An ounce of prevention ... uh, you know what? Never mind. What we're trying to say is that the secret to having great skin is simple: Take care of your skin!

Even if you are a hottie in yours 20s, establishing a skincare routine now will keep you looking like Instagram baddie and ageless star Jen Aniston for years to come.

Here are the basic fundamentals: Wash that selfie makeup off every night, girl. Period. End of statement. Exfoliate twice a week; dead skin cells (puke) don't reflect light, which will make you look dull in selfies. And find a moisturizer that’s right for you.



Oh, and one more thing: hydrate. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Did we say hydrate?

Not only should you be chugging O2, but avoid things that cause dehydration like alcohol, coffee, and soda. We're not saying you have to give up on Starbucks completely, just chill a little bit. It’s all about moderation, girlfriend.

Now that we've laid the basic groundwork for excellent skin, keep these other tips in mind, too.

Reduce Swelling

It's not your imagination that you look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in the morning. When we lie horizontally, fluid pools, causing us to get a bit puffy. To remedy this, apply a 10-minute cooling mask — or even just a cool, wet washcloth — when you wake up. It only takes a few minutes, and you’ll be looking like you again.

Use Foundation

Let's face it, aside from using Facetune, foundation is your best tool for achieving flawless-looking skin. Still, you want to avoid that caked-on look. Heavy makeup can get stuck in wrinkles and fine lines, causing you to look older. Today's smartphone cameras pick up every little detail. You've been warned.

For best results, soak a sponge in your foundation of choice (serum style works the best) and lightly dab on your skin for a thin layer of coverage. Take extra care with the center of your face where the skin is more porous and prone to redness.

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Contouring is known to help slim the face in pics, but it can also have an aging effect. To counter this, use a good highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones and aim for peachy blush tones. Then, get your blending game on.

Don't forget: You can always smooth your skin even after taking pics and videos with Facetune.

Spot Concealer

You've pulled an all-nighter (studying, of course), and your zits are so big, they have personalities of their own. You need a spot concealer.

Always do this step after applying foundation and aim for the right kind of concealer. When it comes to dark circles you’ll want one that won’t cake and dry on your skin. For blemishes, a dry formula will actually last longer. When choosing a color, one that is slightly lighter than your natural skin tone will be most effective.

Enhance Your Glow

A little oiliness never hurt nobody. Say what? You heard us, sis. A little natural dewiness is the look makeup artists strive for — so work with what you've got.

No, we’re not telling you to walk around looking like pizza, but keep a bit of natural oil on the high points of your face. Think: cheekbones.


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Then, to prevent shininess in all the wrong places, run a translucent setting powder on your forehead, chin, and around the nostrils.

And there you have it: Flawless, even-toned, dewy-looking skin that's just begging to be photographed.

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