Snow Selfies: The Ultimate Guide

Get the perfect snowy selfie with our guide! Keep cozy with layers and use video to avoid frostbite. Edit the snow to make it pop and let the landscape shine in the background.

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Nothing will shake up your insta feed and make your mates jealous more than a stunning snowy selfie. Taking selfies in the snow is as beautiful as it is easy. The snow reflects light, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a good shot no matter how overcast the day is. But when it’s cold, you don’t want to be hanging around working out what to wear, how to pose, or where to look. It’s cold. So, read our guide first, then go out and nail your selfies so you can get back in the warm!

Get cozy

When it comes to outfits, a snow selfie has very few rules. It doesn’t matter if you choose clashing prints, or mix red with pink or wear something your grandma wore 60 years ago. If you’re warm and cosy then it’s a success. The more layers, the better. Snow selfies are all about wrapping up and looking cute, cosy, and adorable.

A woman takes a cozy snow selfie outside

Hats, scarves, thick woolly jumpers, and gloves are all perfect. The best part of so many layers is no one can see if you ate too much at Christmas, or have a spot on your chin, or haven’t shaved. . . the layers will keep you warm, help you look cute, and can hide anything!

Use video

When it’s freezing cold, you don’t want your fingers to turn blue. Taking a selfie in the snow is the perfect time for taking a video. This little hack means you won’t get frostbite trying to take a million selfies. Set your phone up on a flat, snow-free surface and use your back camera to take a video. Stand in shot and move between several poses while the video is running.

Once back inside, you can take screenshots or stills, so you end up with a range of cool photos without having to spend ages putting gloves on and off and pressing the button.  

Keep it fresh

Snow is stunning. But the problem is it melts and shifts and gets muddy, and you might even come across some yellow snow – EW! When taking a cute snowy photo, make sure the snow behind you is fresh. You don’t want muddy puddles and dirty ice in the background. It’s best if you can get outside immediately after it has snowed so this way, you won’t even have to deal with other people’s tracks.

A woman takes a photo against a background of trees with snow

Up the editing

There’s nothing worse than getting back into the warm and realizing that the snow selfies you thought were super cute aren’t actually that amazing. There’s almost always something ugly in the background, or the snow looks grey. Taking a picture of snow is like taking a picture of the moon; it’s never as good on camera as it is in real life.

Luckily, selfie editing apps allow you to up the contrast and brightness, so the snow becomes brilliantly white. The different shades of white and grey mean editing out anything in the background is super easy because the colours blend beautifully. You don’t even need to edit yourself if you look fantastic, but don’t be afraid to edit what’s around you, so your photo looks as good as reality.

Let the landscape do the talking

Usually, when you take a selfie, it’s all about you. However, when taking a snap in the snow, you should let your surroundings take some of the attention. This doesn’t mean you have to disappear from the picture, but you should make sure you can see the snow behind you. Snowy trees or snow on benches make great backgrounds. Hold the camera further away than normal to get everything in the shot, or use your wide-angle lens.

A woman takes a photo in the snow with her back to the camera
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