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Can You Facetune Videos? Yes, You Can.

by Team Facetune / May 6, 2020

Facetune 2

Make every selfie look amazing

  • Remove blemishes
  • Smooth rough edges
  • Change up the background
  • Add studio lighting

Can You Facetune Your Videos? Yes, You Can.



*********************** Updated, July 28th 2020 ***********************


You Asked, We Built It.
Facetune Video is out now on the App Store!
we’ve Created a video editor specifically for retouching Your selfie videos!
Check it out.

It's never been easier to retouch your selfie videos.
Install Facetune Video Now.




The short answer is – yeah, there’s a way. You might call it a hidden feature, but there’s actually a live camera within Facetune2 that you can use to shoot a selfie video and use your favorite tools right there on the video: Smooth, Whiten, and Details. You can also tweak the size of your nose, mouth and height to even out the distortion caused by your camera. That’s right, a Kylie Jenner pout can be yours — live on video, no Botox or sucking on bottles required. 

What’s The Catch?

What you can’t do, is “facetune” a video after the fact, but you can shoot it live. Don’t let that discourage you, thought, because facetune for video is actually our #1 user request and…we’re listening. If you’re dying for a selfie video editor, we want to hear from you! Shoot us an email here: facetune2.support@lightricks.com with Facetune Video in the subject line.

Ok, that’s great, you’re saying, maybe I’ll be in touch — but how can I work with what’s available right now? 

Here’s Exactly How To Facetune Videos

  1. Open Facetune2. Don’t have it on your phone? Get it here.
  2. Next, tap the camera icon along the top. Now you see your mug live (hey gorgeous, heyyy), and under that, a slider. Underneath that, there’s a set of retouch tools just waiting for you to try them on. 
  3. Now, tap any of the tools and adjust their effect by sliding the slider to the right – and watch the magic happen. 
  4. Once you have the look you love and you’re ready to record that selfie video (velfie?), hold down the circle button. If all you wanted is a photo, you can just tap the circle button just once and take a facetuned pic – but that’s not why we’re here.

Go Tell Everyone You Know

In 2020, taking a good selfie is crucial to a smart social media game and now it’s easier than ever to do on video, too. Use the Facetune2 camera as a foolproof “hack” for facetuning videos for Instagram Stories, or to Facetune TikTok content, or any time you want to talk to your audience and put your best selfie front and center.

Your Selfies have never looked so good.
Install Facetune2 Now!

Try it once and all your friends will be begging for your secret. And although your answer to “OMG how did you do that?!” is safe with us 🤐, we encourage you to share the wisdom and help all your besties facetune their videos, too. You still get the cred for discovering how.


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