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Eyebrow Editor App: How to Edit Eyebrows with Facetune

by Facetune Team / October 18, 2021

If you told anyone who grew up in the early 2000s that big, bushy eyebrows would be the dominant makeup trend for several decades, they (and their pencil eyebrows) would laugh at you. Eye makeup was different. Everyone back then plucked their eyebrows into nonexistence, and we all loved it. Posh Spice and her black pencil lines were the height of fashion and class.

Of course, since we all plucked our eyebrows to death, they didn’t grow back. This has left an entire generation without eyebrows. You might laugh, but it’s true. Eyebrow tattoos are an actual lifesaver.

Everyone knows that eyebrows are supposed to be sisters, not twins. But in trying to go from over-plucked to big and bushy, you may find that your eyebrows don’t even look related.

We really put our eyebrows through it by plucking them to death, and now their payback is to look terrible at all times.

The good news is that with Facetune2, editing your eyebrows so they look good is easier than plucking, penciling, or tattooing them into submission. A few clicks, some subtle changes, and you’ve got two perfect eyebrows that complement each other.

Before Facetune2:

Eyebrow Editor App-How to Edit Eyebrows with Facetune

After Facetune2:

Eyebrow Editor App-How to Edit Eyebrows with Facetune

Follow these simple steps and never worry about bad brows again!

 1)    Open the photo you want to edit in Facetune2.

2)    If you want to do any other edits to your face, such as using the Reshape tool, do this before you edit your eyebrows, or you might not like the final effect!

3)    In the main menu bar at the bottom, select the Face option.

4)    Under this option, you’ll find the Eyebrows tool.

5)    Start with the Thick option to make those eyebrows fuller and bushier. The new trend of unruly brows can actually make you look younger. Use the slider bar to adjust the thickness of your brows.

6)    Then, move on to the Lift and Shape options. Use the Lift feature to raise your eyebrows and draw a bit more attention to your eyes. The Shape option can be used to increase or smooth out the arch of your eyebrows. Super high arches are just not in fashion unless you’re a drag queen. Frankly, they can do whatever they want with their eyebrows; they always look great.

7)    Next, use the Tilt tool. The slider will give you options for changing the overall angle of your brows. Tilting the inner corner up can bring extra light to your eyes, while tilting the ends up can give a fierce, feminine look. Play around until you find what suits your face.

8)    The Raise tool can be used to lift one eyebrow or the other for a cheeky, flirty look.

9)    Save your work, and you’re done!

Your Selfies have never looked so good.
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You might need to go back and play with the same tool again until you’ve customized a natural look that suits your face.

Let’s all just pray that the over-plucked look never comes back into style. There are lots of ’90s trends that will make a comeback, just please, not the eyebrows. Let’s leave them in the past where they belong. Here’s to big, bushy brows forever!


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