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How to Change The Background in Facetune

by Team Facetune / July 4, 2021

Perhaps my most used tool when editing photos is editing the background. There are so many things that you just can’t control when you take a picture. You can pick the lighting and the angle; you can choose your hairstyle and make-up, and clothing. But what you can’t control is when some annoying guy walks in the back of your picture. Or that bird that decides to poop while you’re nailing a pose. Or the car or bus or whatever random thing gets in the way of the perfect photo.

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There are so many photo-fails because there is something stupid in the background. No matter how good you look, you’ll never be more interesting than something funny going on behind you. Sometimes, it’s worth keeping something in the background because it adds to the photo. But sometimes, you just want to magic the thing away. And now you can.

All you need is a photo with something in the background and Facetune2 selfie editor app. The rest is a piece of cake!

Step 1 – Open the photo you want to edit in the Facetune 2 app

Step 2 – On the main menu, go to the Patch tool. If you want to remove an object or a person, select the Vanish tool and highlight the area you want to remove. Facetune2 will then remove the thing and blend the new space to match the background. You might need to use the Undo tool to try again to get it right.

Step 3 – If you want to select the area to replace it with, use the Patch tool to highlight what you want to remove and move the patch area to match the background accurately.

Background before Facetune


Background after Facetune

Step 4 –
If you want to put an entirely new background, use the Backdrop function from the main menu to completely edit the background. In addition, the Backdrop tool can be used to add designs and patterns.

Top tip: Use the Photo option in the Backdrop menu to merge two photos together. This is perfect if you have two similar images. For example, if you like how you look in one picture, but there is something in the background, simply use this function to blend the image with another image with a better back backdrop.

Step 5 – Use the Fix tool in the Backdrop menu to blend and erase parts of the background you want to remove.  Use light finger brushes to blur the background surrounding your face, so it looks natural.

Step 6 – Use the tools in the Adjust menu to blur the background and edit the light and shadows.

Top Tip: If you want to keep your background but place more focus on you, go to the Defocus option on the main menu. Here you can use the Defocus tool to blur the background and bring yourself into sharper focus.

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Now you’ll never have to delete a perfectly good selfie just because of some idiot ruining the background. Are they ruining your photo? Just remove them! Quick, easy, and could save your selfie.