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Selfie Digital Makeup Apps: How to Add Makeup to Photos

by Makenzi Wood / November 10, 2020

Fortunately, a selfie makeup editor app can give you the pouty red lips, sexy eyes, and extra oomph without even picking up a brush.

Curious to see it in action?

Here are 5 ways you can use Facetune2’s selfie editor app to pump up the glam when you really did just roll out of bed. Add makeup to your photos in just a few taps. It’ll be our little secret.

1 – Mascara 

Mascara makes your eyes look large, sexy, and mysterious. It draws your followers’ attention to the most important feature of your face, immediately engaging people for like-worthy selfies. 

Get sexier eyes in Facetune2 by:

  • Going to Makeup > Liner
  • Magnifying your picture to focus on the eyes. 
  • Selecting your color and intensity. 
  • Using short strokes along the eyelid, flick your finger upwards to mimic the look of soft, delicate lashes. Repeat along the eyelid. 

If you want a little extra somethin’-somethin’, go to Face > Eyes to increase the size of your eyes just a little. 

digital makeup selfie increase size of your eye in photo 1

2 – Add lipstick or eyeshadow

Honestly, lipstick makes an entire look come together. And the right eyeshadow accentuates your eye color and complexion. 

But what do you do if you forgot lipstick today? Or if your eyeshadow isn’t doing you any favors? 

Use Facetune2 to add both lipstick and eyeshadow to your selfie:

  • For lipstick, go to Makeup > Blush. Choose your color and intensity. Magnify your photo over your lips and carefully add color. 
  • For eyeshadow, go to Makeup > Shadow. Choose your color and intensity and magnify the selfie yet again. Carefully add extra color to your eyelid. 

And guess what? If it doesn’t look great, just tap the “Undo” button to choose a different shade. It’s way faster (and cheaper) than trying every shade under the sun at Sephora, right?

eye shadow fix in selfie for digital makeup photo selfies 2

3 – Contouring

Contour sponge looking gross today? Don’t smudge that ish on your face, sister. Facetune2 lets you get the look of contouring without the pore-clogging cosmetics or dirty makeup sponges (we know you have a few lying around). 

To contour yourself: 

  • In Facetune2, go to Makeup > Tones. 
  • Choose your desired tone and intensity. Swipe over the skin to highlight or add more color to your complexion. 

If you want to remove extra shine, you can fix that with Smooth > Matte. You can also use Smooth for a photo-perfect finish over your contour job. 

smooth skin digital makeup photo editing with facetune2 3

4 – Shimmery eyes and lips

Glitter looks badass in selfies. But in real life? It’s a damn mess. Plus, glitter eyeshadow or lipstick can irritate your skin if you wear it all day. 

Oh, and don’t forget that you’ll still find glitter weeks after one application. Ugh. We love glitter, but when you just can’t deal with the responsibility of glitter, use Facetune2. 

You can add a touch of shimmer to your eyes and lips by:

  • Going to Makeup > Glitter. 
  • Choose your desired color and intensity. More intense looks are best for eyeshadow, while a lower intensity is good for lips. 

Try to shoot for more subtle tones at first and increase the intensity as you go. A little sparkle adds that extra something to your selfie that draws more eyes and likes. 

add sparkle to selfie with digital makeup app facetune2

5 – Day to night eyeliner

So, you’ve put in the time to do your hair and makeup. But then you realize you want to do a selfie with a nighttime look. Instead of breaking out another shade of eyeliner, use Facetune2. 

You can quickly add a darker liner (or a different color entirely) by:

  • Going to Makeup > Liner. 
  • Magnifying your selfie to focus on one eye at a time. 
  • Selecting your color and intensity. Use darker, more intense colors for nighttime looks. 
  • Carefully trace the line of your eye to add a liner. Do the same to the top and bottom of your eye if you want. 

If you want to try something different with your eyes, you can change their color (without contact lenses!) using the Eyes feature. 

change eyecolor in selfie photo with digital makeup app 5

How to add makeup to photos: Digital makeup app tips

Need a few tips to master your photo makeup editor app? Don’t sweat it. Follow these hacks to apply digital makeup that looks flawless: 

  • Use short strokes: Whether you’re applying eyeliner, mascara, lipstick—it doesn’t matter, you want short, quick strokes. One thick, long line under your eye is going to look splotchy and weird in the final pic. So, make sure you’re flicking your finger so your digital makeup won’t look like you edited it in Microsoft Paint. 
  • Wear a little bit of real makeup: Sure, you can 100% add makeup to a makeup-free face and it’ll look good. But if you want to really enhance your look, there’s nothing wrong with applying a little bit of makeup IRL before you snap a selfie. 
  • Try several looks before you pick one: I know you can rock that glittery pink eyeshadow like nobody’s business, but maybe teal sparkles would look better? You have a ton of freedom when you use a photo editor app, so take advantage of it. Switch up your colors and placement a few times before you settle on one for Instagram. 
  • Keep it natural: Look, I love an intense black smoky eye as much as the next girl, but it’s easy to go overboard with a photo makeup editor. Stick with softer tones, like brown, instead of harsh colors like red or black. This will look more natural and more like actual makeup. If the color is still too intense, use the slider in Facetune2 to soften it even more. 
  • Zoom on in: It’s gonna be hard applying eyeliner to your selfie if it’s zoomed all the way out! You’ll need to zoom in more than you think you need to. That’s going to help you apply soft, natural-looking digital makeup that looks like the real thing. 
  • Don’t cover all of your flaws: Guys, little imperfections like freckles are super trendy. If you add digital foundation and cover up your freckles, all of your followers are going to miss out on your cute, natural skin! 

Why use a photo makeup editor?

Still not sure if digital makeup apps like Facetune2 are right for you? Honestly, everybody could benefit from a little digital zhuzhing-up. I’m sure you’ve got your own reasons, but plenty of people use a photo makeup editor like Facetune2 to: 

  • Maximize their fave features: Everybody’s got their favorite facial feature. Whether it’s your eyebrows, eyes, lips, or cheeks, a photo makeup editor makes your natural features pop a little extra. 
  • Master difficult makeup looks: I’m awful at contouring, but I love how it looks! That’s why I use Facetune2 to add a dash of makeup badassery to every photo—and no one can tell the difference. 
  • Try new looks without the commitment: Have you seen how much an eyeshadow palette is at Sephora? Yikes. Skip the pricey stuff and try on different looks with a digital makeup app first. If you’re in love with a certain look and you know it looks awesome on you, feel free to spend the money then. 
  • Fix your lighting: Maybe your makeup is on point, but the lighting leaves a little to be desired. No problem. Selfie away without a ring light; just use a photo editor after the fact to get the perfect glow. 

The bottom line re: digital makeup apps

Selfies truly are an art. Your body is a canvas for beautiful things, but whether you forgot makeup, don’t feel like getting dolled up, or applied the wrong shade IRL, Facetune2 can be your very own digital makeup app to make it easy to do better selfies. 

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