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4 Artful, Sexy Selfie Poses

by Andrea Spanik / January 14, 2021

At times, sexy selfie poses can feel unnatural and uncomfortable. Usually, you can mask this in public by snapping a super-quick pic and putting your phone away, or by pulling a silly face or laughing with a friend.

But when you’re trying to snap a sexy selfie to get someone’s heart rate up, looking awkward is such a mood killer. Not only that, but you’ve got to make sure you look good, no double chins or half-closed eyes, and certainly no unfortunate shadows or unflattering angels.


It’s tough, but if you get it right, a sexy selfie can lead to so much more (if you catch our drift 😉). These selfie poses are guaranteed to capture your most flattering angles without making you feel super awkward.

1) On your stomach

If you’re looking for a great way to show off your *insert peach emoji*, then taking a selfie lying on your front is perfect. This is one selfie you’ll probably want to take in bed. Start by holding your phone in front of your face but off to one side. Next, arch your back to get a tiny waist and make the most of your curves. If you want bonus points, you can even get a little bit of your chest in the shot for a double whammy.


2) Look back at it

Another great way to show off that ass is by using a mirror. Start with your back to the mirror. Take the photo with your face to one side and your body showing in the mirror behind you. This shot can be amazing with lingerie or just some really tight-fitting jeans. It’s perfect if you want to tease without showing off too much.

3) Push up and pout

If your best assets are the twins in the front, you can take a super sexy selfie almost like a normal one. Make sure you hold the phone far enough away to get the girls in the photo—a low-cut top is perfect. Lean forward and pout while looking directly into the lens for some seriously hot eye contact. If you want to take it up a notch, touch your fingers to your lips, as studies have shown that draws attention to them and makes people think about kissing. Check out our selfie pout tips here.

4) On your knees

Another great way to make sure someone is thinking about you is to take a photo on your knees. You want to face the mirror, kneel up and keep your legs wide apart. Arch your back to make your legs look longer and thinner and avoid slouching. Alternatively, you can sit side-on to get a gorgeous silhouette.

Ensure the lighting isn’t too bright to avoid unflattering shadows, and if you aren’t comfortable with the texture of the skin on your legs, you can always smooth it out digitally— we promise no one will know! 

For some more sexy selfie tips, check out some more sexy selfie tips in this quick guide. And here is a more visual display on how to take the perfect selfie:

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