16 poses & tips for the perfect aesthetic mirror selfie

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest selfie-taker of them all? You, with our pro tips & edits!

Tally Moran
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Learn creative approaches to take the best aesthetic mirror selfie
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Ever had those moments when your outfit is a solid 10, your hair's doing that effortlessly chic thing, and your makeup is downright flawless, yet there's nobody to witness this masterpiece? That's where the mirror selfie comes in – your personal paparazzi moment where you're the star, the director, and the audience.

Unlike those crop-happy regular selfies, mirror snaps capture your vibe from head to toe, letting you showcase those killer shoes and on-point accessories. And the best bit? No need to bug friends for a reshoot; it's just you, your phone, and endless opportunities to capture the magic. So, let's unlock the secrets to turning your reflection into the next big hit on your feed, with a splash of Facetune’s tools to seal the deal.

The non-mirror selfie

No mirror? No problem. Anything reflective does the trick, especially for those silhouette shots with a gorgeous background. It’s all about creativity, not the tools.

Mirrored vs Non-Mirrored Selfie Poses: Which is Best?

Hidden face selfie

 Sometimes, it's your outfit that deserves the spotlight. Covering your face with your phone adds an air of mystery while letting your style speak volumes.

Best Poses for Hidden Face Mirror Selfies

Elevator mirror selfie

We've all done the elevator wait-and-snap. It's the perfect blend of candid and staged, giving your selfie that effortless chic vibe.

How to Take an Elevator Mirror Selfie

Frame within a frame

An opp to showcase both your outfit and your creative skills? Yes, please! It’s all about the aesthetic mirror selfies, inside and out.

Show the Whole Mirror Frame for Aesthetic Mirror Selfies

Car mirror selfie

Road trips are the unsung heroes of mirror selfies. A quick snap in the car mirror captures the spirit of adventure, with you right in the center.

Road Trip? Best Ideas for Car Mirror Selfies

Bathroom mirror selfie

Why does bathroom lighting just get it right? It’s the glow-up spot, making even the simplest selfies look stunning.

Side profile selfie pose

Show off your best side, and don’t forget to highlight those accessories. It’s the details that count.

Highlight Your Best Angle: How to Take a Side Profile Mirror Selfie

The getting ready selfie

Hair and makeup on point? Share the glam process. It’s the behind-the-scenes look your followers live for.

Mirror Selfies for Special Occasions

Couple mirror selfie

Two’s company in a mirror selfie. It’s about capturing love through reflection, literally.

Romantic & Cute Mirror Selfie Poses for Couples

Carousel selfie

Why settle for one angle when you can give a full tour? It’s about showing off every facet of your look.

Can’t Choose One Pose? Create a Mirror Selfie Collage

Pet selfie

Double the cuteness, double the likes. Your furry friend is the ultimate selfie companion.

Selfies with Pets: Take the Best Dog Mirror Selfies

Switch up backgrounds

Bored with your usual spots? Facetune’s backdrop feature can instantly transport you to exotic locations or minimalist studios.

Explore Facetune’s Backdrops to Change Your Mirror Selfie Background

Blur backgrounds

Make yourself the star. A blurred background keeps the focus tight on you, letting your look shine.

How to Blur Your Mirror Selfie Background

B&W aesthetic 

For that timeless vibe, nothing beats a black and white photo filter. It’s classic, chic, and oh-so-instagrammable.

Black and White Mirror Selfie Ideas for Creative Posts

Mirror selfie captions

Give your selfies some extra personality with captions that reflect your mood and style.
  • Objects in the mirror are cuter than they appear.
  • When you look good and your mirror knows it.
  • It's just me, my selfie and I.
  • I really like staring at pretty things.
  • I cleaned the bathroom to take this selfie.
  • Love at first sight.
  • Oh, hey there.
  • Reflecting on the most important things.
  • No approval necessary.
  • I was born to stand out.

If you were looking for a sign to mirror selfie today, here you have it: all the edit-spiration, tips, and tricks you need to inspire your next fire selfie. Your mirror selfies deserve some more attention, and Facetune's here to give it to you.

Tally Moran
Facetune's copywriter, always on the pulse of new trends, ensuring your selfies and content capture the spotlight with style and ease.

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