Creative Selfie Ideas For When You're Stuck At Home

creative at home selfie from bed

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So, you’re stuck at home for who knows how long. In many places, it’s not safe to go outside.

But let’s be honest: quarantine life is boooooring. You can’t even feel good about snapping a selfie in the street (unless you want to cover half your face with a mask, that is).

Instead of taking the same selfie a bajillion times, get creative. Your selfie game shouldn’t suffer just because you’re stuck at home. Use these creative, at-home selfie ideas to take awesome selfies without leaving your apartment.

1 - Find something reflective

Look around your house for something that isn’t a mirror but casts a reflection. You might find a window, shiny coffee table, sunglasses, jewelry, or watch that casts a cool reflection.

As long as the surface is big enough to see yourself, it’s fair game. Snap some selfies for a cool, artsy shot from a different perspective.

2 - Include your fur babies

The world needs—nay, demands—more pet pics right now. So invite your pets to have a starring role in your selfies!

Position your cat or dog in front of you and peek around their head for a cute selfie. If Fido is feeling lazy, just lie on the floor next to him for a silly selfie of the two of you.

3 - Lie down

Pose on your bed for a cuddly selfie look, complete with quilts, PJs, and a cup of tea. Prop yourself up on pillows and lift your face up for the selfie (nobody loves a double-chin).

4 - Use your accessories

Go through your closet (and we mean really dig). You’ll probably find some long-forgotten hats or sunglasses that haven’t seen the light of day in years. Throw them on and stand on your balcony for a fun photoshoot.

Bonus: beachy or vacay-inspired accessories make it look like you aren’t taking quarantine depression-selfies on your itty bitty porch. #win

5 - Chop off your head

Not feeling like doing your hair or makeup? Chop your head off in the selfie! This is perfect for #OOTD (outfit of the day) posts.

Take a selfie in the mirror but only include your outfit in it. You get to show off your cool digs without worrying about contouring or mascara.

6 - Show what you love

Selfies are a chance to share your story with your followers. You don’t have to be doing sexy, pouty selfies all the time: take pics of what you love.

Share pics of your hobbies (like a pile of colorful knitting yarn) or fave recipes (a bright array of homemade macarons). This shows your personality and switches up what you’re posting, too.

The bottom line for at-home creative selfies

You don’t have to snap the same selfie day after day during quarantine, guys. Use these 6 tips to take more interesting, thoughtful at-home selfies that stand out to your followers—all without even leaving your house.

Generate AI Images with your own selfies

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