10 Really Cute Selfie Captions

This guide unlocks the secrets of crafting heartwarming selfie captions guaranteed to melt even the iciest hearts. Discover playful prompts, adorable emojis, and sweet phrases that radiate your inner cutie.

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Let’s be honest: posting a show-stopping selfie can be a lot of work. Between getting the lighting just right and working for that jaw-dropping angle, on occasion you just want to post something cute, simple, and straight-to-the-point, ‘ya know? No wild backdrop, no over-the-top makeup, and certainly no dramatic pose. Just you and a smile. Easy ‘breezy.

But hey, if you’re posting a simple, cute selfie, there’s always a possibility for it to turn out to be a bit of a yawn fest (cue the slow roll of likes heading your way).  

BUT if you’re able to write a cute selfie caption to go with your cute self, you’ll more than likely have your followers double taping away. Yes, please!

10 super cute selfie captions:

Need some help coming up with a cute caption? Borrow from some of these selfie captions to pair with your cute selfie, and you’ll quickly understand why a good caption can be just as impactful as a jaw-dropping selfie.

  • Create your own sunshine

In our books, cute selfies are all about the smile, sunshine, and plenty of positivity. Next time you’re soaking up some Vitamin D, use this caption for that instant boost of feel-good vibes.

  • Smiling’s my favorite.

Can you guess where this line is from? Yup, everyone’s favorite Christmas movie, Elf. While you may not have thought Will Ferrel would inspire your cute self caption, the simplicity of this one always works for that toothy selfie.

  • Feelin’ cute, won’t delete later.
  • Song lyrics, song lyrics, song lyrics!

When in doubt, you can’t fail with song lyrics for a cute selfie caption. Not only are lyrics easy to pick, but if you pick lyrics from a song you really love, your choice will show off your personality. Let your personality shine through in your selfie, bo.

  • Movies quotes

Refer ^ (rom coms always appreciated for cute captions)

  • Cute: Y or N?

Keep it simple.

  • Two peas in a pod

If you’ve got a pet at home, chances are you love snapping pics with your furry friend. Embrace all that cuteness, while showing off your love for your BFF. You’ll be melting hearts in no time.

  • Just over here daydreaming about…

Daydreaming about cheeseburgers? Hung up on the weekend? Perhaps you’re daydreaming about hanging out with your furry pal? If you’re cuddled up in bed (the perfect cute selfie spot), use this caption to give people a little glimpse into your mind.

  • Hey cutie, lookin’ good.
  • Living my best life

We said it before but we’ll say it again for the people in the back: a cute selfie needs a happy-go-lucky cute caption to match.

Look cute, be cute. Same deal.

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