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Mirror selfie posing have gone full circle from vain to super-cute. They are a great way to show off an entire outfit without bending over backward. Mirrors are also great for reflecting light and making sure your selfie is epic, not blurry.

But, if you don't get it right, there is always the chance your mirror selfie will end up looking like an early 2002 boy in a frat bathroom trying to flex his muscles using a Nokia back camera. Make sure you get the right balance by hitting the right selfie pose. You want cute, not cringe!

1) All about the outfit

It might sound weird, but if your outfit is the bomb.com, do we really need to see your face? A mirror selfie with all the focus on your clothing can be a hit, especially if it's a full-length mirror. Hold your phone directly in front of your face and make sure you are standing so the best part of your outfit is grabbing all the attention. You don't even have to worry about what your face is doing.

2) Look at your phone

When it comes to mirror selfies, we see ourselves twice: in the mirror and on the phone screen. This can make it hard to look natural and relaxed because we're so busy trying to look hot from two angles. Don't look at yourself in the mirror, only look at the phone. This way, there is less to concentrate on so you'll relax.

3) Full-body mirror selfie pose

Mirror selfies are no longer about super up-close and personal selfies. Full-length mirrors for full-body selfies are the way to go. Try sitting on the floor or crouching down to get a more interesting photo. If you want to stay standing up, lean back slightly with one foot in front of the other for a sleek, styled look that will enhance your long legs and slim your waist. For more tips on full-body selfies, read our guide here.

4) Don't forget, there's more than one type of mirror

When you think about mirrors, we always think about the ones in our bedroom, bathroom, or hallway. But you can always be creative and find another mirror, like car wing mirrors, a reflective shop window, or mirrored sunglasses can make for unusual and exciting selfies. These selfies are more about the mirror than the pose, so keep it simple.

Selfie in the car mirror

If these mirror selfie poses weren't enough, be sure to check out our official un-official guide for how to take a mirror selfie, and a spirited debate about the classic selfie vs mirror selfie conversation.

Generate AI Images with your own selfies

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