No Contacts Needed - 5 Ideas For Changing Your Eye Color With Just An App

Learn how to change your eye color without contacts! Discover 5 ways to amp up your eyes with Facetune, including changing color and size, whitening, and removing red eye.

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Have you ever wished you could test out a different eye color? Maybe you’d like to try out some icy blue eyes or a deep, earthy eye hue?

Eye color is a great accompaniment to your selfies, makeup tutorials, and all the other ways you flaunt your stuff online. Eyes are the windows to the soul after all, and you want them to draw in your followers.

But let’s be real here: Contacts are expensive and annoying. And you just know those fancy blue contacts are going to rip after a few uses, anyway.

Who needs that ish? Not you.

Ditch the eye irritation and the expenses. Learn how to change your eye color with an app designed to make you look fierce. Check out these five ways to flaunt your eyes with Facetune.

1) Increase eye size

Not all of us were born with Zooey Deschanel’s big, doe-like eyes. Sometimes you just want to make your eyes pop a little more, and that means giving the illusion that they’re bigger.

Yeah, you could try to do that with makeup, but why bother? Facetune lets you increase your eye size (tastefully) with just a few taps:

  • Open Facetune.
  • Go to Face > Eyes.
  • Use the slider to increase or decrease the size of your eyes. Try to keep it looking natural, though! You don’t want to look like ET.

2) Change your eye color

We love switching up our eye color to fit our mood, outfit, or the weather. But colored contacts suck. Fortunately, you don’t have to special-order anything to get warm brown eyes if that’s what you’re looking for.

Use Facetune to quickly change your eye color. You can even flick through different color options to choose what actually looks best for your look.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Open Facetune.
  • Go to Eyes > Color.
  • Facetune will display several color options for you to choose from. Cycle through them until you find a hue that speaks to you. Use the slider to increase or decrease the color intensity.
change your eye color with photo selfie editor app

3. Whiten the whites of your eyes

Did you drink a whole bottle of wine last night while binging Netflix? We’ve been there. The downside is that a hangover can give you bloodshot eyes, which don’t look great in selfies.

If you’re committed to snapping selfies while hungover (#fierce), you can still look healthy and alert. Facetune lets you make your eyes pop in a natural way to look refreshed and alert.

Here’s how you can tap away last night's revelry:

  • Open Facetune.
  • Go to Eyes > Whiten.
  • Use the slider to increase or decrease the clarity in the whites of your eyes.

4. Remove red eye

Have you ever taken an awesome pic with your friends, only to realize your eyes are red in the final picture? Ugh.

You don’t have to post a pic with red eye if you don’t want to. Facetune helps you erase red eyes with just a few taps:

  • Open Facetune.
  • Go to Eyes > Red Eye.
  • Use the slider to decrease the intensity of the red eye.

5. Amp up the details

We’re not trying to butter you up or anything, but your natural eye color is lovely, too, you know. Sometimes all you need is a little drama to amp up your natural eye color.

If you already like your eye color and just want to kick things up a notch:

  • Go to Facetune.
  • Go to Eyes > Details.
  • Use the slider to emphasize or downplay the intensity of your eye color.
make your eye color more intense with an app

The bottom line for eye coloring with apps:

Your eyes are your personality. They are key to attracting more engaged followers and getting more likes on your selfies. Zhuzh up your look by adjusting your eye color, size, and intensity with these five Facetune tips.

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