How to Change Your Eye Color in Under 1 Minute

Learn how to change your eye color in photos and videos using an eye color app. Experiment with natural and funky colors to refresh your selfies and enhance your look. It's easy, quick, and the results are amazing. Try it now!

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Ever wondered what you would look like if you were born with a different eye color? Some of us would kill for some big ol' baby blues or sultry mahogany-brown eyes. Or how about going for a supernatural vibe with a pair of purple eyes? Or maybe some dim lighting gave you red eyes in a photo, and you just don't want to look like you've got lasers coming out of your face.

Of course, you can buy colored contact lenses, but these can be expensive and uncomfortable. There's nothing like itchy eyes to ruin your day. So, using an eye coloring app to play around with colors means you can experiment and try lots of different styles before picking the one that suits you best.

Adjusting your eye color in photos can make for a great refresh of your selfies. You don't have to completely change the color; you could just brighten your natural color for a more intense, vivid look. Most of your friends will probably be able to tell something is different, but they won't be able to guess exactly what it is. You can even edit their eye color in a photo and see if they figure it out.

How to change and edit eye color in videos and photos:

Editing eye color has become super easy, so it will only take you a few seconds. And no, you don't have to be a photoshop wizard to do this. All you need is a good picture and your smartphone. We'll show you the rest with our awesome video selfie editor.

Step 1

Choose or take a video making sure your eyes are open and in good lighting. Open the image in Facetune.

Selfie before filter

Step 2

Scroll along the bottom menu bar until you find the Eyes icon. Here you can change your eye color, add details, and even whiten your eyes. You can choose from a range of colors including natural browns, blues and greens all the way through to red and black. This means you can enhance your natural eye color or try something funky for a party or for Halloween. Use the slider bar to increase the intensity.  

Selfie after filter

Step 3

Use the checkmark to save your work and to watch the whole video.

The time has come to change your eye color

With so many options to choose from, you could spend hours playing around. With eye color options ranging from natural hues to vivid shades of red and fabulous patterns, you can create whatever look you want within minutes. It's easy and quick, and the results are amazing.

Whether you're enhancing your natural eye color, getting rid of red-eye, or trying something funky, don't forget that the eyes are the windows to the soul... And there is no reason yours shouldn't be black. Or red. Or purple. Check out our post on eye photography tips for more eye editing tips.

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